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  1. MothMeat


    my polar blues finally had their babies, what should i do ??? at what point is human intervention necessary if at all??
  2. C


    Can anyone help me i think my fish has laid eggs, what do i do to get prepared? tia
  3. tal_boom

    A little about me and my fish keeping

    Hi, I have been fish keeping for several years now and I generally only experience with Freshwater fish aka Angelfish and the general tropicals like Molly swordtails etc. but it’s up until about 17months ago I started keeping 2 Oscars and a couple of Silver Dollars in a 100gallon tank and Midas...
  4. A

    Shell Dweller Tank question

    Hello every first time posting here, I have a question regarding a neolamprologus multifaciatus (multis) shell dweller tank I set up a little over a year ago. I bought a group of 5 multis unsexed from a LFS and put them in a 20 gallon long with 36 escargo shells i bought off amazon. I use...
  5. Guyb93

    The goon

    I don’t know what it is in this hobby but I always find the goon, the dumb meat head that contradicts everything I think The new addition for example if anybody asked me about oscars I’d say if they can eat it they will but there pretty chill all round .. The Goon decides that I’m not going to...
  6. W

    What species is this?

    Hi everyone So I’ve had this cichlid for 4 years now, I got it as an adult with my 2 razorback turtles. It’s almost 5” long. Can anyone identify the species? I’m planning of buying more of the same cichlid to live with it in my turtle tank.
  7. A

    How do i help my cichlid?

    My electric yellows fins have gone all ratty over the past few months. Im sure its not as easy to swim with average fins.. how do i fix this? I have 1 other cichlid in with it. I used ro have an angel in with it and it got ich, i started to treat and the angel died in 2 days :/ i dont want...
  8. S

    Green Terror Cichlid Mouth Issue

    I’ve noticed that my green terror cichlid has had his mouth open for awhile and hasn’t been able to close it. Occasionally it has been breathing slightly heavy but not all the time. It also sits on its nest outside of the pot all day and won’t move unless it’s provoked or if it’s feeding time...
  9. abegonzalez0221


    Hi, I have this really shy parrot fish and i’ve had her for almost a month now, she’s still really shy. She’s in my 55 with a few juvenile rainbows, they all get along fine. I was looking at her today and noticed she had a really small white marking on her fin (see picture below) but I’m really...
  10. R

    55g EBAs and Angels

    Hey all, I have a 55g tank that currently houses 2 male EBAs (still about 3in and 2in) and 9 black skirt tetras. I just picked up 1 Koi Angelfish (about the size of a quarter) to add to the tank but was wondering if I could get away with adding 1-2 more Angelfish? I currently have a 60g HOB...
  11. Captain holt

    Oscar tank setups

    Would love some aqua scaping inspiration! Post photos of your Oscar tanks below :) This is mine currently. 5ft x 1.5ft x1.5ft. Home to: - 1 Oscar (Rudy) - 1 Senegal bichir (Bruce) - 1 albino sailfin pleco (Boris īī ) A wee bit on the small side but everyone seems happy :)
  12. T

    What type of fish? Can anyone help? thanks

  13. Allaboutcichlids

    Flowerhorn excreting weird white balls!!!!!

    Hi, I am looking for some advice. As shown in the pictures, my flowerhorn has just started excreting white lumps. I am not sure if this is normal or if this is the start of an illness. He is eating well and looks to be in full health (no body/fin damage). I have not changed his diet (other than...
  14. Guyb93

    T-bar cichlids

    Iv been looking at ordering a fish for Xmas and it’s between red spotted severum or t-bar cichlids, and I’m leaning towards the t-bar but it would mean introducing a Central American to an all South American tank , off a bit of research I’m sure it would be an ok match , what you guys think ...
  15. V

    Advice on fin damage

    So, I’ve got a Jack Dempsey cichlid who was attacked by a green terror 6-8 months ago. There was extensive fin damage and he has regrown nothing. He lives in a 60 gallon tank with a pleco. I do water changes and make sure the ammonium and nitrate is always 0. He also always keeps his fins kind...
  16. Akila_KuKu

    Is this a Flowerhorn? (HELP)

    Hello friends, I'm a newbie here. Need a little help. Can anyone tell me is this a flowehorn or Trimac or someone else? (Video - Flowerhorn? )
  17. L

    Convict Cichlids Chasing - need help

    Hello, I bought 2 convicts whose sizes are within 2 inches for my 20-gallon tank. They were quite peaceful in the first week, but then the larger one (a male I believe) started chasing the female and took several bites on her stomach so I separated them. They are the only fish in this tank. What...
  18. Guyb93

    Could I put corys in my tank?

    I hve a 500l with an Oscar and 4 electric blue acara and a sailfin pleco , I wanted to add 5-10 silver Dollars and 5-10 salt and pepper corys , I’m thinking the SDs will be ok but not too sure about corys are they just lunch ?
  19. Guyb93

    Ever changing tank

    My last post was about my eba having there first fry , they did well it was there first eggs and they managed to have actual swimming fry , for a day .. my convicts over powered the mom and dad it was such a learning curve that certain members did warn me about my eba are fine they have a few...
  20. Circus

    Impulse Buy!

    I went in to get some more pygmy cories and saw a fish I have been wanting for a long time. An Orange Chromide Cichlid! I plan on putting it in my low end brackish tank. Any advice welcome.