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Oct 11, 2022
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I have been fish keeping for several years now and I generally only experience with Freshwater fish aka Angelfish and the general tropicals like Molly swordtails etc. but it’s up until about 17months ago I started keeping 2 Oscars and a couple of Silver Dollars in a 100gallon tank and Midas (which was mistakenly purchased to me as a Jack Dempsey) in a 70gallon tank.

I’ve been so much enjoying keeping these fish as they’re much more hardy and fun to watch a raise. I love my fish as if they were my own kids, which they pretty much are.

I’ve had trouble learning / raising my Midas as I didn’t know it was a midas until someone on another forum that it so was not a JD. So then I started looking up Midas and how to care for them etc. never realised the aggression they give, but I love how fierce and not afraid oh anything. Although it’s can be quite annoying how no matter how much you do to care for them, they still don’t show sign that they like you. Lol

But my two Oscar’s just love me, as I love them. 1D73AD2E-E92E-43F7-B6F2-8218D93CBE35.jpeg4FF8305F-25E6-4986-AC9B-4B29CB37D53A.jpeg498FC758-F44B-47EB-BB77-72D63A8DEDFC.jpegB8FD42F2-1732-4FD7-80D1-70C96D917BAC.jpeg8EAAF0C2-0539-41A6-BBC9-DA47CB570A28.jpeg
Welcome! Nice looking fish, definite bit of attitude there!
Welcome to TFF... :hi:
Those cichlids look awesome...
You MUST enter one of those fish in our December Fish of the Month contest which will feature any fish—but especially oddballs. Be

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