cichlid acting weird

  1. PumpKineTick

    Fish refuses to eat food

    I have a 2-year-old jaguar cichlid (around 10 inches). I usually feed him Hikari Gold pellets (medium-sized), and he was always doing fine, he was eating properly, he was active and colorful. But then a day ago when I was going to feed him, although he looked hungry as usual when I put in his...
  2. K

    African Cichlid Sitting A The Bottom of The Tank

    Hi All, I have a relatively new tank ( about a month and a half or so old) and have had 3 casualty’s so far. 1 yellow lab ( about 1.5cm )had a patch on its stomach left side like it was bitten off. Never healed, he stopped eating and was sitting at the bottom of the tank breathing hard. I...
  3. rayza1985

    Cichlid Frontosa Eating feces .....

    Hi All, Need some assistance if possible, i have 2 Frontosa's but not to big ...2 - 3 inches but one of them since the start of the week just keeps collecting feces and storing it in its mouth .....any idea why as i cant see anything on the internet .... Thanks Ray .
  4. M

    Cichlid Acting Weird

    Hello i have a cichlid that uas been not eatimg and hiding. When he comes out he is spazy and shakes. He will dart around like crazy and hide again. Plz help he might die :'(