1. tal_boom

    A little about me and my fish keeping

    Hi, I have been fish keeping for several years now and I generally only experience with Freshwater fish aka Angelfish and the general tropicals like Molly swordtails etc. but it’s up until about 17months ago I started keeping 2 Oscars and a couple of Silver Dollars in a 100gallon tank and Midas...
  2. S

    Fish Identification

    Hello! I want to know the names of these fishes. So, that i can check the compatibility of these fishes with my current aquarium fishes.
  3. Guyb93

    We are who we are

    Honestly feel a little disappointed in my mentality at the moment , iv always been that person .. look at my big dopey fish and my big dopey tank . My fish will eat your fish and his dad will beat your dad up kind of stuff , last year or so iv slowly moved away from that and tried to make a...
  4. I

    Barra, asian redtail and oscars

    Hi I feel like I already know the answer but i wanted a few other opinions so at the risk of sounding new to fish i have a tank that holds a barramundi, a silver shark, 2 cichlids from when I accidentally bred a blue Texas and a braziliensis cichlid together (the cross-bred babies currently have...
  5. Xious

    150g Filtration

    Alright rookie questions but i'm used to smaller tanks. Please be gentle. So I have a 150g tank with 2 Oscars and 1 Pleco. For filtration I'm running a large sponge and a 75g rated HOB filter. With that i'm gravel vacuuming every 2 days. So my mechanical filtration is awful and the gravel is...
  6. FishGuyBri

    FishGuys' 227-gallon Fresh System

    Hello everyone! I thought it was time to start documenting and working through evolution of our 227-gallon Freshwater system. This is a previous Reef tank that we turned into a freshwater aquarium. It is currently stocked with 5 (well, 4- will explain in a minute) Oscars and 4 Pictus Catfish. We...
  7. A

    Sailfin Plecco's

    Hi all, new here, my daughter set up a tank (550L) so not a small one, or perhaps it is to you experts out there lol. She has now lost interest and tbh it's stressing me. We have two large Sailfin Plecco's (one 40cm in size and the other is 33cm), the larger one is a complete bully to the...
  8. J

    Need A Fish For My Tank Asap!

    My question is i need a fish to eat all the waste my fish make and it not being picked on. I have 2 baby oscars around 3.5 inches and a baby senegal bichir around 4 inches and 1 bala shark around 4 inches. They eat alot pellets and make a huge mess of them and spit parts of it out and makes a...
  9. S

    New Oscar Owner: Question

    Hey Ya'll     I Just restarted my 75 gallon tank. We have gone with an all natural tank pebbles on the bottom and slate as the decoration rock. I have two very pretty Tiger Oscars, three Marimos, and one snail. Everything is going "swimmingly" lol I was wondering if it is normal for Oscars to...
  10. M

    2 Oscars For Sale - Astley, Manchester, M29

    Age and condition: Not sure - can only be a couple of years though Quantity for sale: 2 Reason for Sale: Getting too big for my tank. Not fair on them or the other fish. Delivery or Collection: Collection only please Sales price: Open to offers. Willing to Ship (Yes or No): No Postage &...
  11. C

    Giant Armored Fan Shrimp With Oscars

    Hi guys :) just wondering if you can keep a giant armored fan shrimp with some oscars?
  12. J

    Breeder Pair Oscars

    HI, Could any tell me where I can get a pair of breeding Oscars in queensland Brisbane Australia .. thanks
  13. Sophie

    Picking Up My 3Rd Tank Today - Q&a

    So with Pets at Home having a 20% off all tanks this Friday - Monday, and I already get 20% off.. I thought I'd get another tank while I could so I've ordered the Fluval Roma 200 which is the biggest one they do.   The question is, if I were to put my 6 Clown Loaches (tiny) into it, would I be...
  14. Sophie

    A Ton Of Questions Regarding; Food, Tank Recommendations, Filters, Osc

    Good evening! So I did not want to make a bajillion topics, so I thought I would list all of my questions (for the time being) here.   Food: I feed my tanks twice a day, morning and night. It'll consist of a rotation between Tetra Pro Energy flake, Frozen Bloodworm, Frozen Discus Mix (Spinach...
  15. R

    Oscar Breathing Heavy And Not Eating

    Hello everyone, I thought my Oscar was just being tempermental, as usual, however, she/he(?) has stopped eating, is breathing (fairly) heavily and generally looks inattentive. I'm very worried since he is usually ravenous for food, breathes normally through the gills and is very attentive...