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Impossibly possible

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Feb 13, 2022
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Brisbane qld
Hi I feel like I already know the answer but i wanted a few other opinions so at the risk of sounding new to fish i have a tank that holds a barramundi, a silver shark, 2 cichlids from when I accidentally bred a blue Texas and a braziliensis cichlid together (the cross-bred babies currently have eggs also so not infertile however dont look much different from a braziliensis) and a neon blue Cray, then I have a tank with oscars, sleepy cods, a blue texas, sailfin plecos and gouramis etc the oscar tank has been running about 6 years now with no problems and the barra tank about 4 weeks I was wondering how long they would last if I chucked them all in a 8ft-14ft tank as I know the barra will outgrow the oscars etc but need to keep them somewhere till I can make room for another tank also a little twist I also have an albino ASIAN redtail catfish I was going to add eventually as it should grow with the barra I'm hoping however I know they like to nip fins so wanted another opinion on that also


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