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  1. koleary317

    African Cichlids seem unhappy

    Hello there. My wife and I have a 29 gallon tank with three African Cichlids and one Parrot Cichlid. We’ve had these guys for about 2 months now. The Parrot Cichlid has always been a bit timid, but the three African Cichlids used to swim around the whole tank and dig holes in the sand. However...
  2. tal_boom

    A little about me and my fish keeping

    Hi, I have been fish keeping for several years now and I generally only experience with Freshwater fish aka Angelfish and the general tropicals like Molly swordtails etc. but it’s up until about 17months ago I started keeping 2 Oscars and a couple of Silver Dollars in a 100gallon tank and Midas...
  3. Convictlover

    Caring For Fish While On Holidays For A Month

    Hi all, going on holidays for a month in November for the first time since I got my new tank + Cichlid. What is the best way to make sure I don’t come back to dead fish? I will most likely have a pet sitter look after the fish while away but probably only 2-3 days per week to feed the fish and...
  4. Krishna Kumar

    Am new & am interested in setting up at “Multifasciatus” or "Ocellatus gold" specific tank.

    Hello all, here is a small update on my Multi's tank. I used the media of the tank there were quarantined, & the media of one my oldest matured tank to cycle. I released a fish y'day afternoon along with 4 liters of the water from their quarantined tank & by the look of it they are doing fine...
  5. dopey696

    Angelfish Breeding Info

    Hello all. I have a pair of Angelfish that are always laying eggs. I made a seemingly good fry tank for the eggs, they hatched a few days ago so I also made a brine shrimp hatchery with an old apple juice bottle. Anybody wanna share their expertise about angel fish breeding? Is brine shrimp the...