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blue dwarf gourami

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  1. H

    Tank upgrade

    Hi TFF members, i have a question about upgrading my tank, i have been asking around & researching online & have been getting mixed opinions on my options. so wanted to put it to general public :) i currently have 1x jewel cichlid, 4 hillstream loaches, 16 danios, in a 100 litre (26.42g) tank...
  2. mindwarpstudios

    A Group Of Gouramis: A Question Of Sexing That Is Beyond My Experience

    Complete Aquarium Newbie Looking for Insight: I recently put together a 54 liter freshwater aquarium for my daughter's birthday. Essentially, it is my aquarium until she learns to take complete care of it... we'll see how that plan works out. I have been speaking with the team at my local...