jewel cichlids

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  1. H

    Tank upgrade

    Hi TFF members, i have a question about upgrading my tank, i have been asking around & researching online & have been getting mixed opinions on my options. so wanted to put it to general public :) i currently have 1x jewel cichlid, 4 hillstream loaches, 16 danios, in a 100 litre (26.42g) tank...
  2. J

    Firemouth Cichlid problem

    I have recently started a fish tank which is a 40 gallon feeder that currently has 3 blood parrots, 2 jewel cichlids, 2 firemouths, 3 red zebras and 2 Mainganos. They are all fairly small. However one of the Firemouths seemed to immediately be tentative, but otherwise seemed fine. Then, 4...
  3. D

    Cichlid Tank.. Jewels Laying Eggs

    Hi guys!   I have a 36 gal freshwater tank.  Living in the tank are: 3 jewel cichlids which are about 3 inches 1 convict cichlid a little over 2 inches 2 dempseys I recently got that are maybe 1.5 inches 2 featherfin catfish 2 peacock eels 1 rubber lipped pleco about 2 inches and I also added 3...