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new fish

  1. R

    New Betta fish in bad condition

    I was at Petco earlier and stopped by the betta shelves and noticed one of them seemed especially sickly. Seeing her in such a sorry state tugged at my heartstrings a bit so I bought her in the hopes that I could help her or just give her a nice place to rest in her final days. I’m trying to...
  2. I

    Honey gourami gender and behaviour enquiry

    We have just added 2 honey gouramis to our 65 litre tank. We are new to fish keeping. Can anyone tell me if they are male or female? I have attached pictures They have pretty much constantly been following each other around and tapping each other with their ventral fins since introducing over...
  3. S

    New guppies some with fish rot - separate?

    Hi all, I’m new to here and new to fish 🐠 We have just bought 6 new guppies (2 days ago), one has already died from fish rot (the yellow)- he had it when we brought them home but being new didn’t notice until yesterday due to is slow behaviour and a thought that it’s fin was very short...
  4. Little-Nipper

    Fish medication

    Hi all, I was just wondering if there is a good medication that will knock off every bug in the zoo that is also invertebrate safe? After a severe worm infestation that killed 3 guppies 😪 I have since set up a 35l planted quarantine tank for new and sick fish, running a sponge filter that has...
  5. L

    6 New Zebra Danios, 3 dead, one not swimming well

    Hello I am new to fish keeping. I purchased a 20 gallon tall tank a few weeks ago. Today I bought 6 Danios and put them in. Within the first hour 2 we're dead. They were swimming with their nose to the surface and eventually sank down and didn't go back up. The third died the same way a few...
  6. Honey Fish

    Guppies how do I care for them

    Ok I’m getting guppies I have a 10 gallon tank so I have a few questions 1. How many should I put in? 2. Males? Females? Both? 3. Should I add tank mates? 4. What plants should a put in? 5. Also please include a basic care guide My water info I have hard water at 127 ppm I have a ph my PH...
  7. M

    New to tropical fish!

    Hey! So I recently decided to try Keeping tropical fish. Last Saturday I set up my tank (it’s a 48lt tank) and the lady at pets at home said if I used a bioactive tapsafe plus product I could actually get fish the next day. I was a little sceptical as I had read you must cycle the tank for a...
  8. P

    Need a fish id

    Hey guys, I just picked up a new aquarium that my dads friend kind of let go. They had two fish in the aquarium that they didn’t know the species. Can you guys help me out with these pics? The plecos had babies, and there is a male brittlenose in the tank with her. Does that mean she’s a...
  9. foxgirl158

    Is there anything better than new fish day?

    Merry early Christmas to me! My mom took me to my LFS today, let me pick out two fish and two snails, and she paid for them as an early Christmas present :wub: she’s awesome! All my platies have a Disney/Pixar name theme, along with the two new snails, so without further ado I present: Tula...
  10. D

    Help?! My molly is attacking new fish?

    So I have over a 20 gallon tank which my Molly shared with a DG. I got new fish which have bright stripes on them so I moved my DG into another tank. After I put these guys in my Molly started attacking them! I even watched him bury in sand until one would pass by!! I took my Molly pit...
  11. R84achey

    Will I be overstocked?

    I have a 180l juwel vision running a fluval 307 canister filter with spray bar & 2 air stones. I have switched out all my fake plants for real today after quickly realising that natural is the way to go. I have a large piece of mopani with annubias, microsorium & moss along the branches being...
  12. Circus

    Exciting Trip to the Fish Store

    Spent a bit over an hour browsing the selection at my LFS, and chatting with some of the people that work there. Will post pics of what I got. Will also be reorganizing two of my tanks tonight.
  13. Guyb93

    I want some shoaling fish

    Iv decided definitely no more cichlids at the moment not gonna have a pleco I want some movement in the tank I have my Colombian tetra .. love them thinking of maybe just boosting there numbers but the have an established hierarchy and I only have access to buy juveniles so not sure about adding...
  14. L

    What fish to get??

    Hi I currently have neon tetras, dwarf gouramis, bitlenose pleco and yo yo loaches, I have recently upgraded my tank and was wondering what colourful and exciting tank mates would suit my tank? Any advise would be great ?
  15. carligraceee

    New Corys and an update!

    Hey guys! I took some tests these past weeks and have been watching my water. My ammonia levels are at 0 and all my water levels are puerfect (the hardness is a little low but my fish are not exhibiting any signs of stress or malnutrition). My fish have been so well that I took another step and...
  16. carligraceee

    Best bottom feeder fish for a 10 gallon tank!

    Hey all! So I have always been obssessed with plecos but I found out they grow incredibly large. And will most definitely NOT fit in my tank. I read that pygmy corys would do great with my selection of fish and the size of my tank. (I have two mollies and a platy and am going to grab some...
  17. W.R

    Clown Killifish, good idea?

    Heya all, recently I've had my established 20L/5Gal tank emptied out (bare a few pregnant shrimp), and I've been thinking about what to stock it with, the filter flow is minimal, very many floating plants (red root and salvinia, frogbit) as well as some vallisneria gigantea, mosses etc. Ph is a...
  18. Meg0000

    New fish!!!!(picture)

    Hi I brought home 3 pearl gourami from my LFS yesterday. I was supposed to get 4-5 but I will see how it goes with the 1m 2f. I knew they were pretty fish but I never really looked at them in person and they are 10x better!! My tank is still a bit cloudy and when I go at the front of my tank...
  19. Quin

    Sushi man!

    After a lot of panicking, posting, and research yesterday I'm happy to announce my big man Hank S. Sushi! He's a black orchid betta, and I'm on the hunt for a bigger tank for him and cycling treatments and test kits. I did have a minor heart attack this morning because my dad turned off the...
  20. C

    Adding New Fish with Fry

    Hi, So I have a 105L tank stocked with 1x Guppy 1x Molly and 3x Tetra (not enough I know I plan on getting more) i also have 6x Molly Fry thanks to the Molly giving birth two days after i got it The fry are big enough now and swim around the tank without being hassled (about 2/3 the size of...