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  1. B

    Start of clamped fins?

    Hi! My new betta (double tail half moon) has been living in his 3.5gal for 4 days now after buying him from PetSmart. Hes very active but today i noticed the top of his double tail seems a bit clamped. The tank has a heater, temp is around 77-78F, filter and testing for ammonia this morning...
  2. A

    Sudden die off, hang on, long post

    Please help! I have two 54 gallon freshwater tanks that I am really struggling with. Have had the tanks for a month, added new fish to both tanks a week ago. Tank one: 7 guppies, 2 silver dollars, 1 betta, 1 pleco PH 7.0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Tank two: 3 goldfish originally, added 5...
  3. Ingrid

    Advice needed

    We are about to get our first fish and so do any of you have a list of jobs to do I would need to do every day ,week and month in order to maintain a healthy tropical fish tank . Any advice or tips are welcome thank for your help
  4. A

    New female platy does not eat and stays at bottom of tank

    Hello! I have a female platy that I just bought 3 days ago. Everytime i look at her she is staying at the bottom of the tank swimming just enough so it is stationary. It does not eat even if i drop food in front of her. It is in a 25 litre tank with a male platy and 2 other bigger fish from a...
  5. G

    Advice on a nigh-on invincible cherry barb

    Here's the background: I recently bought my first tank after an introduction to goldfish that went very well when I was younger, given that my own goldfish outgrew the tank and was granted the freedom of an aunt's pond. A 45 litre tank seemed like a sensible option for the table I had, and as...
  6. SteakNShrimp

    Fish acting weird please help!

    I have a 55g tank that houses - 1 Rainbow Shark - 2 Cherry Barbs - 1 Male Swordtail - 1 Zebra Loach I recently (yesterday) added 3 Tiger barbs 2 Green Tiger Barbs and 3 Albino Tiger Barbs as well as 2 Rose-line Sharks/Denison Barbs, a RainbowFish and a Blue CrayFish. The problem is one...
  7. sanasana

    What fish is this?

    So, recently somebody brought this little dude/dudette and gifted it to us. I have no idea what breed it is, and I think the person who brought it has no idea either (I think they caught it from some river, but I'm not sure). It's super shy and for some weeks I thought it was a bottom-feeder...
  8. Flossybean

    New guppy, fin rot, help please

    Tank size:60l pH:7.6 ammonia:0 nitrite:0 nitrate:5ppm tank temp: 24°C Hello there, i bought two new guppies on Friday and added them to my tank. When i added them i also added interpet disease away 12ml. Today i woke to one of them having quite definite fin rot. I took him back to the shop and...
  9. H

    Moving to a bigger tank, Advice

    I have a 10 gallon tank at the moment with three zebra danios, 3 small albino corys, a baby molly, and a bristle nose pleco. The pleco has grown a bit bigger than the other fish and has started to bully them when they come near his driftwood. So I decided I'm going to get a 25 or 35 gallon tank...
  10. A

    New Baby Betta- Concerned About Health?

    I got a baby betta boy recently, his name is Kenny. He seems to be around 5-7 weeks old. I’m a little concerned about his health, he’s been very lethargic and has spent much of his time at the bottom of his tank. His fins are mostly clamped, even when swimming. He swims pretty slowly as well...
  11. raphlovesfish

    London water - stocking advice (pic attached for help)

    Hi All, This forum is invaluable for people like me who always had the desire to set a happy and healthy environment for fish to thrive in but never had the push to do it. Well, I have taken the plunge and decided to purchase my first tank as a beginner (I am 33 yrs old so not too late I...
  12. O

    New Betta Fish

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm not really experienced with fish, but I do want to make sure that I take care of them correctly. I recently got a new Betta at my local pet store, the owner is a huge fish lover and has had the store for over 30 years, I trust them immensely and go there instead of Petco...
  13. P

    How to Cure Fin Rot

    Hello, I know many similar threads have been posted, but it's difficult to find them all and synthesize the relevant information to my situation, so I'd greatly appreciate some advice. I got a new male veltail betta fish a week and a half ago from the pet store. I was mildly suspicious he had...
  14. H

    Tank upgrade

    Hi TFF members, i have a question about upgrading my tank, i have been asking around & researching online & have been getting mixed opinions on my options. so wanted to put it to general public :) i currently have 1x jewel cichlid, 4 hillstream loaches, 16 danios, in a 100 litre (26.42g) tank...
  15. YamiHime

    Help! Sudden clamped fins!

    Hello! I got a new betta about 3 weeks ago. My tank is cycled an it is reading either 0- .25 ammomia and 0 Nitrites. It does have nitrates but I haven't checked the reading since I got him. I'm not sure what has happened. I got a new heater so the temp is always around 75-80F and I do 25%...
  16. HarpyFishLover

    I need help curing a betta's ich...

    Hello! I didn't post this in emergencies because I know what this is, and it's not lethal at this stage. So yesterday I noticed some strange behavior in my new betta. He was dashing around, scraping against things, crashing into my heater... then I got out my flashlight and looked at him. He...
  17. P

    Potential Tank

    Currently in my tank right now i have 7-9 platy (some of them are fry so im not sure) and am wanting to add new fish sometime next week. I want to add 1 angelfish(if they can be alone), 2 dwarf gouramis, and potentially 1 albino cory cat (if they can be alone). Would this group of fish live...
  18. K

    What fish should I get to stock my 38 gallon freshwater tank

    I just recently got a 38 gallon tank. I plan on making it a freashwater tank. I already have 3 Corey cats and a tiger snail. I want to know which fish would be best to add that would be compatible.
  19. Jagster

    Newly set up 15 gallon freshwater tank

    Hey guys I am new to the hobby and bought a tank after months of research. My newly set up 15 gallon freshwater planted overhead filter tank has been cycling for 3 weeks now. I have made a list of the fish would like to keep and need your opinion on it. 6× zebra danio 6× neon tetra 2× oto 1×...
  20. M

    Fish Identification Asap Please!

    Last night at the pet store getting crickets and guppies my daughter fell in love with a small fish that was in the guppy tank. I found out that is was accidentally shipped with the guppies by the distributor, or hopped in from another tank. Here is the best picture I can get. I know it's some...