Parasites in the cichlid tank?

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Aug 24, 2004
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My boyfriend recently got two tiger oscars and two green terrors. Currently they are small so the four share a 55g tank (i know, when they get bigger he will have to get them a much bigger tank). We were recently doing our weekly change of that tank and came across these reall weird things from the filter. they looked like little black worms, really small and more then a dozen of them. i picked one up to see if they were alive, but they didn't appear to move. however, they had a bug shape, texture and look to them. my boyfriend thinks they might just be fecal matter. i don't know. does anybody have any experience with these? i now wish i had taken pictures so i could show them.
have you fed the oscars blood worms? Because i found similar to what you discribed after feeding the last of a batch of them, i thought it may be the moulted skin of the blood worms? Found them stuck to and around the filter, they look like there swimming when there in the water but thats probly because its just the external covering with no hydrostatic(is that spealt right) supportive pressure inside. Just an idea.

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