Help identify new fish please? New 55g tank

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If you insulate the base, back and sides of the tank with 1-2 inch thick polystyrene foam sheets, it will help the heater keep the water warmer. A coverglass on the top of the tank can also help trap heat in the water.

I don't know what the hood is like but you can buy LED strip lights that don't take up much space and might fit in the hood to provide a bit more light. Check out the local hardware store for LED lights.
I have heaters laying around, so I put a second heater in to temporarily fix the temperature issue.

Also added 2 more of each the black and white skirt tetra, so their total is now 6.

The dojos are constantly plotting against my plant ideas, but so far so good, overall.

Some are wilting a bit, I want to think it is a natural thing after bring moved around, I've started dosing liquid fertilizer, hope it helps.


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Oh, and at least for now, on one of the sides I'm using the programmable light I had on the smaller tank I emptied. Still debating if I should buy a glass hinged cover that goes the entire length of the tank and then buy a programmable light fixture that fits it. Gotta sell some of the decommissioned hardware to get the $$for that though.

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