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Sep 12, 2020
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Southern California
Hey guys my name is Will i have a male Koi betta haven’t named him yet cause idk what to name him.
He kicks it in an 8 gallon live planted aquarium with 5 Pygmy Corydora’s and 5 (well i put in 5 but i only ever see the same 3) amano shrimp.
I plan on getting some either some Ember Tetras or Chili Rasboras for him to hang with, haven’t decided yetz. I’ll add some more amanos, and some otocinclus cause i just started getting some little algae blooms on my glass and tubing/heater cable that the shrimp dont clean.
Anyways i’ll be asking questions in the future i hope y’all can answer i really would like to own and breed a lair of apistogramma cactuoides next but i gotta get this tank set first.
I look forward to gettin involved here!
Attached is a photo of my Male Koi Betta, and my tank setup for him.


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Welcome to the forum! Beautiful tank and betta. I've had 3 amazing Betta's in the past and I wish I could get another one!

I'm new here too but I'm not new to fishkeeping, so feel free to ask any questions, as we are all keen to help.
Nice tank :wub: the carpet growth looks great. Would be lovely heavily blanked with the Betta in his own - like his own Empire.

That gives a perfect excuse to get a 2nd tank for your other fish to be safer & happier.
Hi and welcome!

Please reconsider the otocinclus too. Lovely little fish, but they're delicate, they need a group of six or more, and even one oto wouldn't find enough to eat in an eight gallon tank, let alone more than one. They'd be at high risk of being attacked by the betta as well, and with no where to escape. Using a bit of sponge to clean the glass and tubing is easier and more humane. They also only eat certain types of algae, so if your amanos won't eat it, chances are otos won't either. 'Cleaner fish' can be a bit of a myth. There's always going to be some maintenance that we have to ourselves I'm afraid!
Please don't get any more fish for this tank. The betta would probably see them as intruders in his territory, and ember tetras/chili rasboras are so small he would likely see them as food. Bettas are not community fish and should really be kept alone.
I’ve seen so many tanks with nettas and oher peaceful community fish. If you watch Foo the Flowerhorn on youtube, he commonly puts ember tetras with his bettas (in groups of 6 or more)
I was leaning towards the ember tetras rather than the chili rasboras because of size...
My betta loves my pygmy cory’s as it is, he’ll follow them around while they dig for food like he wants to know what they are doing.
Sometimes he’ll flash his fins at them, but he never picks on them.
He doesnt even pick on my smaller amanos, he just watches them haha.
While the betta may seem fine in the community tank, and I have made this mistake before until this forum, imagine if you were in a room with people you disliked. While you may not start to pick a fight with them, you'll most likely be angry and stressed out. I know @essjay feels strongly against the betta community.

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