live plants

  1. GothFishKeeper

    My name is Payton

    Hi, my name is Payton (GothFishKeeper) and I currently have a 20G tank with 7 live plants (1 Amazon Sword, 4 Anubias Barteri, and 2 bundles of hornwort wrapped around a medium sized spider wood branch in the center of the tank) and 10 fish (1 Dwarf Gourami M, 5 Mollies 4F & 1M, 2 Platys 1F & 1M...
  2. N

    Prevent breeding between guppies

    Hi all, Been a while since I posted here. Back in December, I got a 105L Tetra Tank and set it up in our office. We started with some lovely colourful guppies (male) and along the line, we seem to have picked up 2 to 5 females. It was cute at first when the first one had babies, but now they...
  3. O

    my betta is lethargic i think

    he just sits in one of these positions since i did a water change 2 days ago. and i also think he has swim bladder but he won’t eat the daphnia i give him. I’ve been feeding him 4 pellets once every 4 days but no improvement.
  4. O

    what is this in my tank is it snail eggs

    i did a 80% water change yesterday and cleaned the gravel so i don’t understand. is it snail eggs? I’m going out to buy crustaceans pesticide today because im sick of this
  5. V

    Easier way to replace substrate?

    I'm changing my gravel substrate over to sand. I tried using a funnel, but the sand still ended up floating at the top, no better than before. My water also went cloudy, but that should go away in time. I scoop out the gravel with a net, then put it in a container to dump out later. I'm doing...
  6. V

    I've already tried all the basic recommendations

    I have algae on the walls, decorations, and live plants. I've already tried wiping off the algae, but it wouldn't come off. I have the light on for 7 hours a day. I do regular water changes. I have a snail and some fish that like to pick at the algae. I have a 20 gallon so I can't get any big...
  7. Mistymercer


    I am very new to the hobby, very under-educated and don't have a lot of money. When I took on this hobby (rehome a betta fish for a friend of mine) not realizing how little I REALLY new, how much it would cost and how much there is to learn! My dream tank is a freshwater tank with lots of...
  8. ChrisK

    Hair Algae problem

    Hi, my live plants in my Betta tank are overrun with hair algae, I’ve tried lots of treatments and even bleach dipped. I’ve cut the lighting down to 6 hours an evening. They have grown so big so I really don’t want to get rid and start again. Any ideas? Also my Amazon swords roots are massive so...
  9. BettaBoyBilly


    Hey guys my name is Will i have a male Koi betta haven’t named him yet cause idk what to name him. He kicks it in an 8 gallon live planted aquarium with 5 Pygmy Corydora’s and 5 (well i put in 5 but i only ever see the same 3) amano shrimp. I plan on getting some either some Ember Tetras or...
  10. PygmyMitch

    Found baby snail in new aquarium

    Hi all, so i’ve set up a new aquarium, and i’ve found a baby snail in my tank. I’ve used live plants, but haven’t yet got any fish, so i assume the snail has come with the plants. I need help identifying what snail i have, and any information about it would be appreciated. i have attached a picture
  11. K

    Help getting wisteria to grow?

    I recently redid my betta tank & added some new live plants, one being some water wisteria. I tried this plant once in the past with a different tank (planted in substrate) but it all ended up dying from the roots up. This time, it looked like the bottoms were mostly rotting when I took it out...
  12. Bettapuppy

    live plants in betta tank or no?

    Hi all. I have a 6.7 gallon tank with one betta in it and I was wondering if that would be too small for a live plant or two. I tried planting some of those betta bulbs and they they just molded.
  13. G

    Fluval Edge 6 Gal with fish

    When I was up in CT cleaning out my Mom's Condo I was originally keeping a look out for a 5 gal tank for a Betta that I ended up not getting. I did get a Fluval Chi 5 gal for $20. But before driving up 2 hours from NY to CT I saw a post about the Fluval Edge with fish and supplies for $150. So...
  14. Brendt

    10 Gallon ideas

    Hi all, I’m currently cycling my tank ( I think) and looking for ideas to stock my tank. Here is how it started I was in my basement and found my old 10 gallon tank with the filter ( the basement is heated) I took it out cleaned The tank out bought a new filter because the old one didn’t work...
  15. ToriAndAlice

    Hi! I'm new and i have a few questions :)

    Hi, I'm Tori and I have 10 cherry barbs in my tank which is relatively small in comparison to all the enormous ones everyone else seems to be able to afford. I also have two yellow rabbit snails called Francis and Alice, who was my first ever aquatic creature, hence ToriAndAlice. I'm wondering...
  16. MistLaFey

    Female Betta with Clamped Fins

    This past June, a friend of mine gave me two female Betta fish in a split half-gallon tank for my birthday. I have since moved them into separate 3 gallon filtered tanks from API. One of the bettas, Scarlet, has clamped fins. She is hiding, and seems to be stressed. I changed about 50% of her...
  17. FurFinFeathers

    Live Plant Help?

    I currently have a twenty gallon high freshwater community with a guppy, three danios, two corydoras, a nerite snail, and two platys. It has regular gravel as a substrate and currently only plastic plants. I was wondering if I could switch to live plants without changing the gravel? If so, what...
  18. A

    Beginner Looking To Start Using Live Plants

    Hello everyone. I am new to this site and recently started getting more involved in things relating to my fish tank. I have so many questions about different things but i'll just start with some.   Just to give you guys a little bit of info, I have a 20 gallon established aquarium that I have...
  19. Catfishies

    My Fish Tank And Fish.

    Ok, well here are some photos of my tank setup and fish. I've just ..finally.. added some live plants. I hope they take!! Also good news on my four lined cat. His whisker grew back!!! Like brand new! Also a couple pics of my elusive sun catfish! Not very good but they are something.  
  20. monahan95

    Any Idea's On How I Could Improve My Tank?