betta 10 gallon

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  1. Frittercrittern

    Cycling 10g Betta Tank - Advice welcome!

    Hello! I am cycling my first tank in forever, and I have a lot of questions and ideas for how it's going to go. Here's the current build: - black diamond sand - plastic rock cave hide - rounded gravel rocks in the middle of the tank - a larger zebra striped rock - a medium fake green plant...
  2. lightly planted Betta tank, 10 gal

    lightly planted Betta tank, 10 gal

    my halfmoon male (chub) lives in this tank with 2 anubias, a java fern, java moss, driftwood and some Petco log decorations. a few shrimp along with a shrimp filter, a small air stone and a 10 gal heater. sitting about 76°f. aquasoil, black gravel, volcanic rock substrate.
  3. 10 gal Betta tank, lightly planted

    10 gal Betta tank, lightly planted

    this is my halfmoon (Chub) tank, with a second hand (unsure of the brand) heater, in tank overflow filter made for shrimp, along with a small air stone and pump. there are 2 anubias, java moss throughout, and a java fern. a few decorations from Petco. aquasoil, black gravel and black volcanic rock
  4. lynhagan

    Heater and thermometer not matching

    Hi - I have a ten gallon tank filled to 9 gallon with one betta in I have a heater that I set to 26.5 celsius and a Dennerle nano thermometer that did match that temperature. A month on and I found that I was waking up to find the Dennerle reading 24 degrees celsius. My betta was breathing...
  5. Duckquarium

    Betta fish received critical hit

    Hi here’s my scape. I have a betta, 1 bumblebee catfish, 1 panda Cory, 2 kuhli loach, and 5 ghost shrimp. The betta and the lava rocks have coexisted with no issues for almost two weeks now but yesterday I woke up and noticed a large majority of the bettas anal fin was completely destroyed. I...
  6. katienewbettakeeper

    concerns about new betta, beginner keeper

    Hey guys! So I got my betta the day before last and drip acclimated him. He’s been in my aquarium and I have some mild concerns about his behavior (and a bigger one about my water parameters) size: ten gallons temp: 75-78 Fahrenheit (fluctuates a bit through the day) ammonia: 0.5ppm nitrite...
  7. katienewbettakeeper

    Ten gal planted betta, beginner needs advice!!!

    first time keeper looking for advice!!! planning a ten gal planted aquarium for a betta fish. bought the basics in prep for cycling: 10 gal fluval stratum 8.8 lb test kit flourish tabs gravel vac omega one flakes Fluval 50 watt heater thermometer strip seachem water conditioner Aqueon...
  8. S

    Received Betta for White Elephant, Noob at Fish Keeping, Fish seems Sick! SOS!

    Hello everyone! I've been very stressed about my Betta, Dobby, I received him for a white elephant gift and I'm determined to be a good fish dad! Everything is new, tank, heater, lights, plants, filter, etc. Dobby won't eat and is hanging at the top of the time and is very lethargic! Took a...
  9. B

    Inherited betta may be getting worse

    Hello, these are photos of the beta my parents have been keeping under poor conditions. I knew something was wrong so I took him under my wing. Got a 10 gallon and a heater. These are photos of him in the little bowl and the photos of him when I moved him in the tank. Fast forward 4 days later...
  10. kapsey

    Betta Bloat Getting Worse Despite Treatment

    I have a Betta in a 10 gallon planted tank, kept around 78-80 degrees F. I was previously feeding him Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets. He began bloating a few months ago. When I noticed, I stopped feeding him the micro pellets and began feeding him a mix of Mysis, Tetramin Flakes (his previous...
  11. jessicarf00

    betta missing scales or coloring?

    i was just trying to take some pictures of my betta, harry, and i noticed this spot on him. i can’t tell if this red spot on his body is part of his coloring, or missing scales. any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated:) the photo with the spot circled is from today, the other picture...
  12. jessicarf00

    help! - high ph in betta tank

    i made a post last night about how my betta is breathing heavily and pacing after doing a water change. today he isn’t pacing as much but still seems to be breathing heavy. i just tested the water and the ph looks like it’s around 8 - 8.2. yikes! is this what’s causing his behavior? how should i...
  13. jessicarf00

    betta pacing & breathing heavily

    i got my very first betta, harry, two weeks ago today. today i did his first water change and took out about half of the water and replaced it with conditioned water (tried to keep it about 80 degrees.) i didn’t notice him doing this immediately after the change, but recently he’s being darting...
  14. H

    Where to find adopter for betta in NJ?

    Hello, I foster betta fish, which means I take them in from bad pet stores, rehabilitate them, and find them good forever homes. Our newest rescue is ready to be adopted, and for the past few fish putting up the information on Reddit has worked, but for some reason no one is responding to our...
  15. M

    Worried about Overcrowding and Algae Problems

    I have a planted 10 gallon tank with a betta and three kuhli loaches. The tank is in a sunny spot and green and brown algae is growing rapidly on all surfaces (even the leaves of my plants!) I want to get something to eat the algae, but I'm worried it would overcrowd the tank. I was thinking of...
  16. E

    Fin Rot or Just damage?

    so about a month ago I got this lovely betta, I've had a few in the past and never had any issues like this but his tail is not looking as great as when I got him. He's currently in a 10 gallon Fluval Flex, which is really well established- about 4 years old now. It is planted and I have...
  17. H

    How to handle betta while bladder disease heals?

    I recently got a betta from Petco to be rehabilitated, who appears to have swimbladder disease since he was only swimming at the bottom of his cup. He doesn't look bloated or anything, but he hasn't been able to swim up without his lower half immediately falling back down. And I know this...
  18. H

    Is this betta a dragonscale?

    Hey, I have a newer hobby of rehabilitating bettas from pet stores and getting them to good new homes. There's this guy in Petco who looks like he could use a chance, and he's only swimming along the bottom of his cup so he might have some swim bladder disease to treat. But my main issue is that...
  19. M

    Male or female?

    Hi all, I have a new lovely little Betta. They were mislabeled as a male yellow halfmoon at the store, and for the life of me I cannot tell if they are male or female. Any ideas? I don't see an egg spot, but I've never had a short finned male although I know they exist. Any help would be...
  20. H

    How to help betta with possible ammonia burns?

    Okay, I posted about a betta fish I took from a pet store yesterday, since he had some pale coloring on/by his fins and lips that worried me, but I only got one reply that said I shouldn't worry. Now though, I definitely have something to worry about, mainly because my tank had an ammonia spike...