Beginner with aquarium and Betta fish care inquiries


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Aug 13, 2017
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This will be the second time I attempt to have and care for my own fish (the first time a year ago ended badly due to me being misinformed on proper Betta care - the usual misinformation, unfortunately)

The aquarium I am getting:

Penn Plax WW113K Radius 10 Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit
*Once the tank arrives by mail, I will be performing a fishless cycle with Dr.Tim's One and Only, and pure ammonia

I am planning on having one male Betta, a small school of harlequin rasboras, and a couple nerite snails for algae control.

First, I have questions about what food can the Betta and rasboras both eat

The food brands I'm looking at are:
  • Atison's Betta Pro
  • New Life Spectrum Betta Pellets
  • Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets
Which one do you think is best? And can the rasboras eat it too?

Secondly, the water I will be using is well water from the tap. My well water is pulled directly out of the ground and filtered through sand. No chlorine, but there's bound to be heavy metals right? What sort of conditioners do you recommend that will not mess with the cycling process (one that doesn't bind ammonia)?

Thank you
I am planning on having one male Betta, a small school of harlequin Rasboras,

This may or may not work, In my opinion it wont as 10 gallon is too small and the Rasboras will harass the Betta to death or he will kill them.
I agree with Nick about tank mates. Bettas are not good community fish, and the rasboras need a bigger tank. The one you name has a footprint of just 18 x 12 inches while harlequins need a minimum tank length of 24 inches.
Nerites are fine with bettas though, I've always kept them together with no problems.

As for dechlorinator, look for API Tap Water Conditioner. This contains only thiosulphate to remove ammonia and EDTA to bind metals. Nothing else. It is also very concentrated - for all but the largest bottle (which is even more concentrated) the dose rate is 1 drop per gall. [For 10 galls, I would get the 1 fl oz size as that had a dropper in the lid. When that runs out, you can always get the 4 oz size if you want bigger but keep the 1 oz bottle for the lid]

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