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  1. SamB

    Samb's 5G Fluval Chi Reef

    First of all, I'll start this with a warning: I'm a full time college student with a part time job, so while I will do my best, regular posting might not always happen.   Ok, with that out of the way, let's go back in time to the start of my saltwater adventure.   Here it is:     I'd been after...
  2. Colonials66

    Aquaone Reef 200 Protein Skimmer

    Hi guys,   Looking for a bit of advice if anyone can help me. I've been running an AquaOne Reef 200 tank for probably about 5-6 months now. I bought the set up second hand, it came with a protein skimmer the Aqua One AF-80L. From reading, this doesn't actually seem good enough for the tank...
  3. Colonials66

    Refugium In An All In One System?

    Hi all,   I have a saltwater tank, an Aqua One model, with the sump all in the back. Its been set up for about 6 months now. I have been reading about the advantages of running a refugium in the sump of a tank. My question is, would I be able to run one in the sump at the back, or for it to be...
  4. ChaseO


    I have a 20 gallon long aquarium, it is 30 inches long, and 16 inches deep. I want to set it up for saltwater with live rock and anemone some corals and eventually some SPS corals. I have a very low budget! I would prefer to get LED lights. The problem for me is, most LED lights cost very high...
  5. ChaseO

    Filter For 20G Reef Tank

    New to saltwater aquariums, I have had a freshwater aquarium before but want to get started with salt water aquarium. I have a 20 gallon long aquarium. I want to get a filter for it, that will be suitable for corals in the future anemones, and fish. I don't want to spend over hundred and $120...
  6. Robbo85

    New Nano Tank

    So i have decided to take the jump into marine and set up a 15l nano tank.   I decided to go with the TMC 15 as it suited my budget, size and read some good write ups and blogs.   Its been running for two weeks now and has been filled with live sand,  live rock and RO water. all perameters are...
  7. T

    5 Gallon Or 10 Gallon?

    Completely new to this forum. I have experience with many frehwater aquariums but have never tried saltwater till now. I don't have a ton of extra spending money, so keep that in mind. All I want is basic solid nano tank.I want to be able to keep a few basic corals and few small fish. I...
  8. G

    Planning A Marine Aquarium

    Hi Everyone,   I'm thinking with the possibility of starting a marine tank. The tank I have is 115L or 25 UK Gallons with an Eheim external filter and blue LED and fluorescent lighting.   I have read all the warnings, how to care etc etc so I don't really want to be bored with that, but I want...
  9. J

    44L Nano Reef Tank

    hi guys ive got a 44L (uk) im getting my equipment together to start a basic reef tank to see how it goes. im a little confused to do i go for a powerhead or do i go for a wavemaker i have seen a all pond solutions wm-2500 but what is the difference other then the way they look what would be...
  10. J

    First Reef/marine Aquarium

    Hi All, I apologize for any stupid questions or assumptions in this post, please correct me on everything. I have a Juwel Lido 120 litre aquarium with an internal filter, tropical setup and three juvenile red bellied piranhas. Any way the RBPs will soon outgrow the tank and I will want to...
  11. LeopardPerch

    Corals; Will They Work?

    Hello, I have a reef aquarium and was wondering if these corals would work here is my aquarium https://www.youtube....h?v=HfQZqU5C4tQ and here is my Corals list 1. PULSING Xenia 2. Photosynthetic Gorgonian 3. Watermelon Chalice 4. Neon Green Candy Cane 5. Sebae anemone 6. Blastomussa 7. Acans...