neon tetra

  1. sarahfairfax

    Slimy Clearish Substance

    I set a up my new tank with filter, water, a few live plants and gravel and let the tank run for about two weeks before adding fish. I used Tetra Aqua Safe also before ever adding fish. After the two weeks The tank was clear, clean and algae free. Then I bought and added 7 neon tetras and two...
  2. Danielhorvath

    Setting Up A Tetra Tank:)

    Hey Guys   So I'm thinking of setting up a tetra tank, I want it to be a bigger tank that can hold neon tetra, cardinal tetra and penguin tetra. In at least groups of 5 each because they are schooling fish. Will those fish school together though? as they are all relatively the same size? I'm...
  3. TallTree01

    Can I Feed Crickets To Fish?

    I've got loads of crickets to feed my frogs and I want to try to give my neon tetras some variety. The crickets are about 1/2 cm long and the neon tetras are about 3-4 cm. can I feed my neon tetras crickets or would this be a bad idea?
  4. TallTree01

    Help! Neon Tetra!

    Help! One of my neon tetras is acting strange: it swims vertically frequently, its colors are less colorful that the others. I think I might of fed them a little much this morning as I was rushing a bit. He's either just stuffed himself or , I fear , neon tetra disease. Can someone please shed...
  5. TallTree01

    Neon Tetra

    I managed to take this picture while one of my tetras were staying still for once. I then cropped it and added a black background. Here it is:
  6. J

    My Ram Cichlids Laid Eggs?!?

      I have four (what I THOUGHT were male) ram cichlids in a tank, along with a neon tetra and a plecostomus. There's nothing else in the tank except snails (and I KNOW what snail eggs look like). I just saw today that the back of my small piece of driftwood is covered in eggs! I thought ram...
  7. C

    Aggressive Garra Rufa

    Hello everyone! I'm a "newbie" to all this and am currently having a few problems with my 100litre tank. I started off with a garra rufa and 3 neon tetras and everything seemed fine, the garra rufa fed on th algae, all 4 fish were happy, etc, etc. Anyway, on Saturday we introduced another 5 neon...
  8. M

    First-time Tank Idea

    Hi all, Brand new to the forum. Just bought a ten gallon tank and wanted to pose my stocking idea and get some feedback. In your opinion/experience, should it work? Should I add/replace/remove anything? I understand of course that there are no black and white answers, and each individual fish...
  9. J

    Hi Im New Here ! Could Anyone Help My Fish Its A Neon Tetra He Has

    Hi my neon tetra has a lump on his face .. I don't know what it is .. I noticed it a few days ago .. never sae it before . Iv had him for 7 - 8 months . Thanks for all your help
  10. B

    Various Neons?

    Will neon tertas? (ie, normal neons, red neons, blue neons & black neons) will theese fish school together if kept together or school sepratly??? if so does the school have to be small? in order for them to school together, tried looking this up but found no info, many thanks.