neon tetra

  1. S

    Need Help Identifying Fish Disease

    I hope this message finds you well. I'm currently facing some challenges with my aquarium, and I was hoping to get some advice. After a recent 5-day treatment with Jungle Fungus Clear and Kanaplex for suspected columnaris in my tank, I've noticed that one of my Neon Tetras is exhibiting...
  2. Kyanite14

    Is this ich?

    My ammonia is 0 and ph is 7.4, I just noticed these tiny dots on the neon tetras tails, but it only seems to be on the neons and ONLY on their fins, I didn’t see any on the body. They’re also super small, much smaller than the usual ich I see at pet stores. I haven’t added anything new to my...
  3. K

    I need help and advice about my new neon tetra tank!

    Hello all! Im new to this website so I hope I’m using it correctly ! This is going to be along post, but please take time to read it if you are experienced as I really need help. So I need some help and some advice about my new tank. I’ve been wanting to get into the hobby for a long time and...
  4. P

    55 gallon Planted aquarium progress

    Hello everyone I started a planted aquarium 12/29/22 and this is how it looks today vs day 1 let me know what you think thankyou and have a good day everyone.
  5. Casper23

    Tank mates for my Beautiful Betta!

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting, I am trying to get some answers on possible tank mates for my Betta. Currently I already have my Betta (obviously) he’s a male Halfmoon. I also have 5 peppered Cory catfish, 2 ghost shrimp, and 2 nerite snails. They are all super happy and comfortable...
  6. PygmyMitch

    Neon Tetras Fighting

    Yesterday I noticed my 2 neon tetras having a bit of scrap. Today I noticed one of them with a damaged fin. Is this normal behaviour ? Or could this be down to the fact that there is only 2 of them ? I did start with 10, about 2 years ago. but sadly lost 8 of them over time. Also i have...
  7. Hmarie37

    Wanted to show off my boys!

    Not sure how to navigate this website properly yet so hopefully I’m in the right spot but I just wanted to show off my baby boys (and im sure a couple girls as well). It was a hard journey getting these kiddos on the right track as their previous owner had them in an ammonia filled tank. But...
  8. Hmarie37

    New fish mom!

    I am a new fish mom, going on a month now! My thread may be a long one as it’s been quite the ride! On an impulse I bought a tank off of Facebook. Little did I know this tank came with the fish as well. I didn’t know much about fish as I took them on (I planned to do more research as I let the...
  9. D

    Problem with Neon Tetra?

    Hello, I added 11 neons to my 30 gallon about 2 weeks ago and I noticed a day or 2 ago that one fish has some discoloration around its belly and near the dorsal fin. It's not acting unusual, eating fine and showing no other symptoms. The tank also has 5 cherry shrimp and several live plants...
  10. Tl52505


    I just saw this spot on one of my neon tetras, I have not seen anything on the fins but a small raised white spot on the side. I just picked them up yesterday. Could this be ick, and if so what should I do
  11. A

    PLEASE HELP planted tank cloudy water dead fish

    Okay HI I have a planted tank using organic soil that is technically used for plants like tomatoes. But I’ve had this tank for over 9 months because I got it on my birthday last year and it’s a 10 gallon fluval tank with special lights for plants and a built in filter. Now it’s been ruining...
  12. outofwater

    Done with neon tetras, can you recommend other tankmates?

    So, I've got a 29g tank, already running for 4 months. Couple of months ago I bought a dozen neon tetras and within 2 days 5 died. Columnaris, NTD, or too much stress, never found out for sure. Fast forward to yesterday. I've had a planted and cycled "quarantine" tank running for 3 weeks now...
  13. M

    Sick cardinal tetra?

    Hey! I’ve just come to my fish tank to see one of my smaller cardinals are looking a little pale! It’s also swimming ever so slightly funny to the rest, more jerky and like it’s struggling to stay level (not floating or sinking like swim ladder) It’s active and has eaten some food this morning...
  14. outofwater

    Spot on tetra, fin damage on cory, what's going on

    Hi everyone, This morning all looked OK. I've had one cory on 3 day quarantine so far for some fin issues on dorsal and caudal fins. Treating with melafix and damage seems to have stopped spreading so I was thinking of putting him back in the main tank in another day or two. Just returned from...
  15. G

    Anyone know what's wrong with my Neon?

    I've attached a link to a YouTube video I filmed of my new Neon. I just got him today as part of an extra group of 4 Neon's I'm adding to my existing 5 Neon's. All the other Neon's are fine but as you can hopefully see in the video, he seems to have problems staying level. When he swims he's...
  16. bettafishlover86

    29-gallon aquarium stocking ideas

    Hello everyone, I have 1 male veiltail betta fish, neon tetras, 1 otocinclus cat, and 2 ghost shrimp. I am getting a 29-gallon aquarium soon and I would like some stocking ideas. Any suggestions?
  17. Attenbruh

    Neon Tetra Swim Bladder!

    This morning, when I woke up I realised my Neon Tetra got swim bladder. What are some fixes that could work on such a small fix. I have already tried giving it small peas but he doesn't seem to want to eat them.
  18. A

    New and needing advice.

    Hey, I just registered here, and I've just recently picked up a few fish to care for. I had 2 corydoras and 4 neon tetras. now I'm down two 1 and 2. I'm very unsure how they died, all I can remember is treating the emerald cory for a bloated bladder w peas, him recovering, and then me finding...
  19. KatNor21

    Please help me decide which gourami

    Hey, I'm posting about my tank again. It's a 30 gallon long, planted. I have 20 neon tetras (10 are neon greens) and 4 endlers. Because of my last thread, I've decided to add gouramis, but trying to decide between 3-4 honey gouramis or 2 female pearl gouramis. I have a fluval 50 filter. My pH is...
  20. KatNor21

    Stocking suggestions?

    Hi everyone. This is my tank in progress. It's a 30 gallon long, planted. I have 20 neon tetras (10 are neon greens) and 4 endlers. I was thinking of adding honey gourami and zebra danios. How many of each would you suggest? Would this cause any overstocking issues? Thanks!