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  1. D

    Help guys!!! I'm worried!!

    So, I'll try and keep this story short. The picture above is my sister's tank. She's 13. Her bf is 14. Here's the thing. His parents are very wealthy, and they adore my sister, but they buy her whatever she asks for. When she was 11, she wanted goldfish, so I got her two, but I knew they'd...
  2. moonmist

    17gal high tech nano aquarium journal

    Last night I got to set up my new nano tank! I’ll be posting updates later tonight when I add some plants :)
  3. PygmyMitch

    Planted 10g Tank

    I thought it was time to make a journal for my 10g tank. I’m planning on changing the look of the tank slightly, as I think it’s currently looking a bit too basic and simple. My plan is to reposition the existing plants, add more plants and add some driftwood. I have 4 pygmy corys, which I will...
  4. PygmyMitch

    Plant Suggestions for Small Tank

    I need help in choosing some plants for my tank. I’m open to any suggestions, but also have seen a few I like the look of. My tank is a 48L tank, split into two compartments. The Main tank area and the filter compartment (its a custom built filter) The aprox dimensions of the main area: L...
  5. S

    Video Onix (Pokémon) in Betta Aquarium

    Hello, I'm Sanma in Korea. I am new to this forum. I present below my nano planted tank. I'd like to show you through my channel that you can make a beautiful aquarium with just with a small fish tank without any complicated materials. Thank you so much.
  6. O

    Compressiceps Dwarf Pike Cichlid tank size

    I'm looking to keep just 1 Compressiceps Dwarf Pike Cichlid. I want to make a beautiful nano aquascape. I found a 36x8x10 nano tank for $200. A 24x14x14 for $240. would a different tank be better? please, any information would help.
  7. reptilenotfish

    UNS 5n, dry start method

    setting up a uns 5n (4.6 gal) just got done with the hardscape, getting the tank and equipment on monday/tuesday I looked but couldn't find much on a tetra/rasbora/danio that wouldn't have a problem with this sized tank, so any suggestions welcome, will probably get shrimp though.
  8. ember04

    Wild Betta for my tank

    Hi all I’ve got a 7.5 gallon 26 litre tank. It is run on a modified canister filter with a baffle for low flow. The tank is black water and is heavily planted. As far as stocking after keep domesticated Betta for a while the wild Betta species are really interesting to me. I also want to keep a...
  9. Honey Fish

    Best fish for 3 gal tank

    About a year ago my beta got very sick and died I saved his 3 gal tank and I have been saving it to get a new fish what fish are the best and how many could I put in? Im looking for something easy to take care of and preferably a one that dies not eat live things as my family has some bad...
  10. April_ht

    4.2 Gallon (16 Litre) Stocking

    About a month ago, I bought a 16 litre tank for some platy fry (tank dimensions around 35cm x 20cm x 25cm maybe). I’ve placed 5 into the main tank to see how they do with adult platy and White Cloud Mountain Minnows, the latter of which chased them though could not fit them in their mouth. I’ve...
  11. Corydoras_Catwoman

    Can I turn the pump off?

    I’ve got a completely DIY planted tank going for my bedroom. It’s only a 15l tall tank (I re-siliconed an old reptile enclosure and installed gaps for piping) so I’ve made a homemade filter from some parts I had lying around. It’s got a chamber with some ceramic filter media and an external...
  12. A

    Nano tank stocking ideas / Help please!

    Hi I’m having a hard time figuring out what fish to put in my 30litre (believe that is 8 US gallons) tank and would really love some help. Tank dims: 32 x 32 x 32 cm. TBH I think the tanks small footprint makes fish stock choice a like tricky.? The tank is around two years old so well...
  13. X

    1st 28Ltr Aquascape Betta tank

    Hi all, thought I'd share my first Aquascape. Please feel free to add feedback ?
  14. S

    New Nano Tank Aquascape

    Hi All This is my second attempt at setting up a Nano Freshwater Aquarium. The first was a general disaster thanks to lack of research! I've spent quite a few months planning this one and wanted to share my set up with you all. It's a 20 litre Nano tank, using remineralised RO water...
  15. S

    Reducing Air Pump Power/Flow

    Hi There I have a 20 litre nano tank which came with an Aqua One Air Pump, as the tank has a built in filter compartment at the back. Now, previously I had a Betta fish in this tank and even though I had the pump on the lowest setting, it was truly blasting out. I DIY'ed a solution by...
  16. S

    RO Remineralising Quanitites in Nano Tank

    Hi All I've recently set up my 20 litre, planted nano tank. I've elected to use 100% RO water which I am remineralsing, and I wanted to ask if others have done this and how they scaled their doses for various quantities of water for a nano tank, i.e. large quantity at start up, 50% water...
  17. ember04

    Nano Old ball fish

    I have always been attracted to the more unusual fish in the hobby, I can only have nano tank due to the size of my house but would still love an old ball fish tank. I have a spare 16-gallon aquarium and through it would be the perfect old ball tank. i like lots of old ball fish but the more...
  18. G

    What is eating my anubias?

    My anubias suddenly started to get brow. I notice that a small brow spot forms and the leaves start to die. I see the shrimps (neocaridinas) On it and in the morning a big chunk of the leaf is gone. As far as I know, neocaridinas only eat deceased leaves, so something must be damaging the...
  19. Barry Tetra

    Is 2 Gallon tank too small for betta

    Hi TFF, I’ve seen this 2 tank on sale in my LFS, Do you guys think it’s too small for betta? @essjay
  20. PygmyMitch

    48l Tropical Aquarium

    After having my aquarium set up for some time now, Yesterday I decided to make my first purchase of tropical fish for my 48 litre tank. I decided to go for a school of 10, neon tetras!