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  1. J


    Hi, I am an owner of a 5-6 year old fire eel which is approximately 21 inches long, so is probably pretty much fully grown. She does have a scary habit of lying on her side, or even upside down when she is sleeping, which even after all these years scares the bejesus out of me as it looks like...
  2. Aynia

    Fairly new and full of questions

    Hi all, my name is Aynia. I've already posted a few threads on the forum and realized that I never did an introduction post. About me: I'm from Ontario, I love anything geeky/nerdy, anything artsy or crafty and I absolutely love animals. I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady but have recently really...
  3. C

    Hello from Arizona!

    Hi everyone! I am new to the hobby as of December 2018. I have a 5.5g betta tank and a 10g that currently houses two platies‚ÄĒwith lots of plants in both tanks! I‚Äôm having a lot of fun with the hobby so far. :)
  4. pov

    hey there, this is Pov. i would love to chat about any thing i have lots to learn.

    I have two tanks one is about 200lt and the other is probably 140 they are both rescued tanks, the 140 I got from my sister the back smashed so I patched it up and siliconed in a picture to hide the patches. I enjoyed it so brought some more glass to add to some I had laying around and built the...
  5. G


    Hi everbody! I am here to learn about aquariums, and also to do my part to spread the knowledge I've accumulated. I don't have as much experience as many, but I have more experience than some. I currently have four tanks, all panted, ranging from low tech to high tech. I've had experiences and...
  6. N


    My name is Noel ,I've had a tropical tank or two for about 10 years and currently have a 2 meter 400 litre tank in the lounge with South American cichlids ,uaru x2 Oscars x3, Severums x4 pearl X11 ,Texas x1,rainbow x2,convicts x6,silver dollars x5, Hoplo cats x2 sail fin plec x2 ,and a few on...
  7. eyecnn5

    Hello I'm new here

    I've been keeping fish over thirty years and just realized, after doing quite a bit of research that I've been doing everything wrong. I hope to find out a lot here while I begin to start my 36 gallon tank and begin to cycle the tank. Thanks eyecnn5
  8. musicalbetta

    Hey Guys

    Hey friends I'm new around here and I'll say a little about myself. I have a twin tail half moon betta (male) named King Neptune and a nerite snail named James Madison. I've a huge passion for music (and food) and spoil my pets rotten. So, I'll just be hanging around the forums, occasionally...
  9. F

    Hello From Leeds, England

    Hi im new :p
  10. adamthesim

    Greetings From Adamthesim

    Hello fellow aquarists!   My name is Adam and I currently keep two fresh water aquariums. I keep a 20 gallon tall for small fish and a 75 gallon live planted tank.   I absolutely love Angel Fish, Gourami, Catfish, Rainbows and Discus. I currently keep (in my show tank) 4 Angels, 1 Discus, 2...
  11. Seeker

    Hi From Lancashire! :)

    Hi everyone!   My partner and I have recently moved into our new house and we're looking to add some finned friends to our lives.  I've been lurking for a while, but now we're unpacked and settled I thought I'd sign up here and clue myself up a bit before we do anything too mad.   I'm not new to...
  12. V

    New Here.....

    Hello all, My name is Vinny, from Brooklyn New York, USA. Just signing in to the forum. I just bought a 20 gallon aquarium for my kids. This is their first pet experience. We have 3 fish to start off. A Mickey Mouse Platty, a Dalmatian Molly, and a Skirt Tetra. We've had the fish for 2 days so...
  13. NoneFish

    Hello To Everyone

    Hello to everyone!   Just found this forum. I am passionated about fish, cats and tattoos. I actually came to this forum while looking for tattoos with fish (koi fish) because I want to get one. But I'm also interested in fish in general, so this forum is a good find for me. I'll stick around...
  14. Antoniakr

    Hello Everyone! - I'm New

    Hello everyone, i am new to this forum. i have decided to start using forums as i want to note everything i learn down so i will never forget. And getting help from experienced fish keepers will be fantastic. I am going to start breeding Platys. I still need to buy everything yet but i know...
  15. J

    Hello From Southampton, Uk!

    Hello Everyone!    I'm new to the site - started fishkeeping a year ago and now I'm hooked!    Got one 250 litre tank. It's a planted community tank, with mostly small fish. (Photo below)   Current inhabitants: several guppies, 3 white balloon mollies, 3 pseudomugil rainbowfish, 3 harlequin...
  16. I

    New To Tff

    New to Tff. Hello
  17. jessithebuckeye

    Hello From Florida's Space Coast!

    Hello hello!   My name is Jessi and I am 24 years old. I live in Florida and am relatively new here to aquarium "life" in a more "dedicated" form of the word!   A little over a year ago I got a little Betta and named him Neil. He had a regular bowl with no filter. After a little while, I got him...
  18. AngelAi

    Hello Every One!

    hello every one! I'm new  to the site. and rather new to fish keeping but from learning about breeding betta fish I have learned a few neat tricks and what not. I'm hopping to get into the hobby a bit more. I have around 10 tanks with all kinda fish. some are just grow out tanks for my fry. I'm...
  19. snowyue

    Am New Here To Say Hello

    Hello everyone I am new this forum you can call me Snow or Yue don't matter. I hope to gain more knowledge from everyone and I hope to help others as well.   Oh Sorry lol    Am from Colorado. I have 6 diffident fish tanks running right now.   2x 10 gal 1x 30 gal 1x 35 gal Hex tank 1x 40 gal...
  20. S

    To Introduce Myself

    Hi everyone I am a new member just learning the ropes, and a fellow fish lover