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  1. alloutweird

    Is my Ghost Shrimp pregnant?

    Hello all, I am still pretty new to owning fish and shrimp. I noticed one of my little ghost shrimp have 3-4 small green things in its belly and I was curious if it was pregnant. I did search around the internet and I could not find much, mostly everything I found said there should be a lot...
  2. Wreckzone

    Nerite snail shell deteriorating

    Hi everyone, I have a planted 6 gallon fluval edge with 3 inhabitants - 1 neon, 1 ghost shrimp, and 1 zebra snail. I have been neglecting my nerite snail's shell for as long as I've had her (about 5 years) and it's to the point that I think her shell may break in half. Please look at the...
  3. Crazy_fish_mom

    Pregnant ghost shrimp

    i just got a few more ghost shrimp for my 10 gallon tank which also contains a gourami, a Cory catfish, and a Betta fish. I go to put the shrimp in my tank and I see one has lots of little specs inside of it. It turns out it is pregnant! What do I do to help it give birth and help the babies grow?
  4. R

    Please Id This Shrimp!

    So I want to start by apologizing to the other post that I put this under. I'm still finding my way around this site!   I bought some ghost shrimp, and this guy was in the mix. Any idea what it is? 
  5. D

    Over Population Of Ghost Shrimp

    I have a 30 gal tank with mostly Platy's, Guppies, and Mollies.  I added four ghost shrimp six months ago and now the tank is overwhelmed with them.  Is there a natural way to control the population? 
  6. 214jay

    Where Have All The Ghost Shrimp Gone?

    Hello   I thought I would post because I have noticed a huge decline in shrimp numbers/varieties in all of my local fish shops since I started the hobby over a year ago.  I remember pets at home always stocked lots of random shrimps and were guaranteed to have Ghost shrimp in stock.   It would...
  7. B

    Cherry Shrimp And Ghost Shrimp

    I was wondering if ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp can live in the same tank? I have five small cherry shrimp and would like to add more shrimp if they don't get much larger. 
  8. monahan95

    Is My Ghost Shrimp Carrying Eggs?   Is my ghost shrimp definitely carrying eggs? If so should I remove her from my tank?
  9. B

    Would This Work Out?

    I have a 30 gallon that is going to be redone.  I read up on some of your guy's ideas and have kind of put together another possibility.   I would want a betta, hopefully I can get a female betta, male if I have to 4-7 neon tetras a few breeds of livebearers, probably mollies, guppies, and...
  10. B

    Should I Get Ghost Shrimp?

    Hi! I was wondering if you think ghost shrimp are good tank mates.  If you could tell me your experience with them or ones you have heard about that would be awesome! I know they are compatible with my fish, but I don't know if people have ever had issues with them.  So any stories and advise is...
  11. Sparkles13

    Are The Really Ghost Shrimp?

    Before I moved, i had a 10 gallon aquarium with a male betta, 8 neon tetras, and 5 ghost shrimp. My tanks was set up for about 2 months (after cycling). a few weeks after i had added the shrimp (which were the last), i noticed that some of my tetras had gone missing. I assumed that Sparkles, the...
  12. X

    Just Got 3 "whisker Shrimp"

    (apparently the only difference between whisker and ghost is their whiskers/antenna's)    Anways, I got 3 whisker shrimp today to put into my 5 gallon tank with Gibbs who I just got yesterday.    But now, that I read about someone's shrimp nibbling on their Betta's tail when it was sleeping...
  13. M

    Fry And Ghost Shrimp. Plz Help

    I have 7 guppy fry, born sunday i noticed my guppy having 2 in my main tank so i immediatley took her outand placed her in my 5 gal tank she had the babies and then i moved her back in the many tank later that night. BUT i put my pregnant ghost shrimpin there 3 days prior and i noticed after my...
  14. Maehlice

    What Large Freshwater Fish Will Not Eat Ghost Shrimp?

    I have a 29 gallon aquarium with 8 thriving, reproducing Ghost Shrimp. I'm considering a major upgrade and transition next year to a 200 gallon tank -- within which I want to stock larger fish alongside my Ghost Shrimp family. I don't want two aquariums, but I also don't want to lose my Ghost...