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german blue ram

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  1. C

    Extremely Territorial German Blue Ram?

    I got four GBRs three days ago, one male and three females. The male is obviously dominant, he claims his space but he's "friendly"about it. Two of the females are fine as well, they just swim around and don't really bother anyone. One of the females is extremely aggressive. She hides in a...
  2. C

    What Sex Is This German Blue Ram?

    See the attached photos, it's all the same fish. Here's another
  3. C

    German Blue Ram Cichlid Water Conditioning?

    Hey guys;   Thinking about getting a pair of German Blue Ram Cichlids. From what I've read, they require water that is on the softer side, with low pH (5-7). My municipal tap water is moderate on the hardness scale, but the pH is relatively high (~7.5).    Do you have any suggestions on how to...
  4. G

    25 Gallon Tank Setup.

    Do you think A pair of german blue rams 6 neon tetras 4 cory cats And 2 ottos would be fine in a 25 gallon tank?
  5. T

    Hello Forum Post - 20Gal Planted

    Hello everybody. I've been lurking as a guest for a few months, learning from all you helpful people, reading old posts and just getting into aquariums as a hobby. Here is my current setup. Theres quite a few pictures of my Blue Rams because they're just so pretty.   The original goal with this...
  6. SamB

    Hey From Auburn, Al

    Hey y'all,   I'm Sam, and only recently got back into fish keeping (did it a lot as a kid, now in College with a steady job that can help support the habbit).   My girlfriend got me a betta fish for my birthday earlier this year and after that everything has tumbled quickly into me getting a...
  7. N

    German Blue Ram Last Attempt!

    So if anyone here has seen my earlier threads, you'd know i had considered putting one in a 10g. I know now that that is way too small...my 10g is now full with a betta and shrimp, 30 gallon is stocked with a pair of apistos and some loaches. However, I might have enough room in my 20. As far...
  8. N


    So yeah, I've never owned gbr but from day one (6 months now) of fish keeping I've always wanted a couple. I also want to try to breed them, sell most, and perhaps keep a couple. I'm not sure how many tanks I would need and what not...I know they need a flat stone, high temp., live or frozen...
  9. J

    My Ram Cichlids Laid Eggs?!?

      I have four (what I THOUGHT were male) ram cichlids in a tank, along with a neon tetra and a plecostomus. There's nothing else in the tank except snails (and I KNOW what snail eggs look like). I just saw today that the back of my small piece of driftwood is covered in eggs! I thought ram...
  10. G

    Please Help Sex My Blue Ram?

    Recently i brought a pair of Blue rams from a guy down at my local pet shop who was convinced they where male and female. opon getting them home and in my tank after a few days i managed to convince myself maybe he was wrong after doing the research i know for shore i have one male but am not so...
  11. A

    Help What Are The Basics To Breeding German Blue Ram

    Hi I have got 4 rams and I now 2 are male and the other 2 are female cos the pink spot and the males are a lot bigger but I don't now the Basics to breeding them could someone help please.
  12. phungi11

    My First Set-up

    Decided it was time to get my first aquarium started, hence the low-light planted set-up. I've been lurking the forum for months now and decided I would finally post up since I'm about fully stocked now. I picked up this 29g used on CL with some tacky ornaments, cheap Aqueon filter, Aqueon hood...