1. B

    Betta Fish Unwell

    Hi everyone I am reposting since my last thread was quite some time ago. If you need context please see: But now my betta Itachi who I got in 2019 isn't doing so great. His tail has almost completely receded and is...
  2. outofwater

    Spot on tetra, fin damage on cory, what's going on

    Hi everyone, This morning all looked OK. I've had one cory on 3 day quarantine so far for some fin issues on dorsal and caudal fins. Treating with melafix and damage seems to have stopped spreading so I was thinking of putting him back in the main tank in another day or two. Just returned from...
  3. E

    Poorly Balloon Molly

    Please can someone help, my molly has all of a sudden been swimming funny today and I have noticed split fins. I’m unsure if this is injury from fighting or fin rot, I did my research and made sure all tank mates are compatible to the best of my knowledge. I have 3 balloon mollies, 5 neon tetra...
  4. G

    Guppy with a red fin bite! Help

    hello, I have a 20 gallon tank with 4 female guppies, 5 galaxy rasboras, and 5 panda cories. One of my 4 guppies has what looks to be a red bite out of her fin! my water parameters are good, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 5 nitrates, 7 PH. she is a new addition to my tank and I got her because she was...
  5. S


    Guys only recently i posted both my goldfish having finrot....and they healed...moved em to the main again the 2nd goldfish is having severe finrot again incase if yall...
  6. S


    I am the guy with 2 shubunkin goldfishes and 2 giant danios PLEASE READ IT FULLY Recently (3 weeks back) one of my goldfish had its tail torn....I ignored this because that particular goldfish has an exceptionally large tail and manages to get it torn every month....but it heals within 2 days...
  7. S

    The best brand for fungus medicine that won’t kill my elephant snails???

    My fish recently had a bit of a stress with a water change after I left my tank a little too long before cleaning. My water is perfect but I think it stressed them out a bit. One of my endler guppies appears to have tail rot from what I can determine and a couple of my glow light tetras have a...
  8. JamieTYV


    Hello! Fingers crossed someone can help... I have a large, established tank with a variety of fish, my parameters have been good and stable for a long time... 6 x peppered corys 1 x Male Betta 6 x Female Bettas 6 x Glass Catfish 1 x Female BN Pleco Recently I introduced a Male BN Pleco in the...
  9. N

    Is this Betta fin rot?

    I woke up this morning and went down to feed my betta only to realize his fins look a little different. Is it fin rot? (See picture) and if so what should I do?
  10. JackieP

    Bettas fin tear won’t heal and brown spots on fake plants

    Hello, so I have a betta fish and she has a tear on your fin and it’s been weeks and it won’t heal. I saw at the store they have API betta fix and I was wondering if I should try that. I think it’s just tea tree oil. Also, there’s brown spots all over my fake silk plants. Could it be something...
  11. K

    Hospital tank size?

    So my betta, Ender, has some bad finrot and his hospital tank is 5 gallons with a filter and heater. And now that I see other people who are treating terrible illnesses, they point out that having a smaller hospital tank helps more with recovering. I've also been doing 50% to 80% water changes...
  12. Barry Tetra

    Is this fin rot? If yes what should I do?

    Hello TFF, can anyone identify this disease (definitely finrot?) that’s going on discus’ Dorsal fin and anal fin Water parameters; Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 6-10. @Colin_T
  13. K

    Fin rot or cotton wool? How do I treat this?

    My red tail barracuda is developing some sort of growth on his nose. It all started when I was doing a water change...He got startled and darted into the glass; A couple days later he began forming some sort of growth on the injury which now looks like it is spreading to his fins. Is this fin...
  14. francisabch12

    I think my Betta has fin rot. Can you please help me identify?

    I think my Betta is having fin rot problems but I am not sure if it's fin rot. Can anyone please help me recognise the fin rot. So I can start the treatment. If you guys have any treatment ideas please suggest. P.S. : I can't get any medicines due to Covid 19 lockdown. I have "Rid-All Anti Ich"...
  15. E

    HELP! IYO Tank Mates Biting -or- Fin Rot??

    In your opinion am I dealing with the tank mates nipping his fins or with fin rot? Hes black so it's hard to tell. I've moved him to a tank with brand new water and no mates. I need to know if I should go to the store to get medication for him to try to help! Thanks for your input and insight!!
  16. X

    Do my guppies look unhealthy?

    Hey guys, I’m pretty new to this whole hobby and am still trying to learn the ropes. I have a 10 gallon tank with 6 guppies (now 5) , 1 panda platy and 2 stripped catfish. (I plan on upgrading to a bigger tank in a month). And I recently had one guppie die due To what I think was fin rot, the...
  17. G

    sick Black Moor Goldfish not eating

    So, I recently set up a 20 gallon tank, it had a bacteria bloom, went through an algae spike stage and took a couple months to get right as I was observing the nitrogen cycle process. Finally, I felt it was ready ( and that was my first mistake) and assumed it was good to go for living fishes. I...
  18. B

    Betta fish fins splitting

    Hi all, I just got a betta (my first fish) two weeks ago and noticed his fins have started to split. He lives in a 3.5gal filtered tank ( no heater yet, but I plan on getting one in the future - any amazon recommendations would be appreciated). I’ve used bettafix over the last week but have not...
  19. Flossybean

    New guppy, fin rot, help please

    Tank size:60l pH:7.6 ammonia:0 nitrite:0 nitrate:5ppm tank temp: 24°C Hello there, i bought two new guppies on Friday and added them to my tank. When i added them i also added interpet disease away 12ml. Today i woke to one of them having quite definite fin rot. I took him back to the shop and...
  20. Beth Ellerby

    Injured dumbo betta

    Please can someone help me- Its sort of a double issue. I've had my beautiful Dumbo Betta, Colin, for about three weeks. When I got him he had a top fin that had split all the way to his body. I decided to get him anyway as I thought he would heal and he was so pretty and active. Apparently I...