1. cmhassinger

    Best plants for Endlers and shrimp

    So I just got a new tank for Christmas which I’m super excited about it’s 5 gallons and I want to add live plants and driftwood. I have 2 Endlers, 1 Oto and 2 shrimp. What are the best plants to add? Also with planted plants how do you clean the gravel or do I need special substrate? maybe...
  2. G

    My Dying Tiger endler has pink spots on tail

    Hi my first post so be gentle with me. I have a male tiger endler who's gone into lethargic mode and laying on the bottom of the tank .He has 2 pink spots on his tail ,the rest of his body looks fine. One of his female's died with a rotten tail a week ago ,the other just died no sign of any rot...
  3. gregswimm

    P class black bar endlers' [Tampa]

    Age and condition: The age of each fish varies from sub adult to Adult. I haven't been tracking the age of each fish. I have had the group for roughly 6 years and I doubt I still have the originals. Quantity for sale: Roughly 20-30 (these guys are almost impossible to count. From my...
  4. thrujenseyes

    If I were to use water direct from well.....

    I'm going to try and give the short version of my long story: I cycled a little 6 gallon Fluval Edge just over two years ago. I *thought* my water was hard because I'd tested the tap which was coming up 7.5ph. I stocked with 5 little male endlers. Tons of live plants. Over time I kept losing...
  5. M

    do i have endler's, guppie's, or a hybrid

    I got a bunch of free fry and was told they were guppies. They have since grown up and they look like endler's to me. I don't know enough to tell the difference between them and wanted to know if someone could tell me. they arent the best photos if i need better ones please let me know.
  6. D

    Yet again another stock question

    Hi guys Was wondering if someone could give their opinion on the following stocking level. I have bought a Fluval Edge 57L (15G) but it's not set up yet. The cycling process is starting this weekend. I manged to find some Dr Tims One & Only Freshwater plus the Ammonium Chloride which I plan...
  7. D

    Stocking for Fluval Edge 46L

    Hello... I'm new to the forum and also petty new to fish-keeping. I've had a tank before (a biOrb Flow 15 which wasn't what I thought it would be so it's being sold now) but in the research stages of getting a new tank. I love the look of the Fluval Edge 46L (12G) tank but read that it's not...
  8. fishoholic

    Black Bar Endlers. Fry. Pure bred x20

    Livestock: Black Bar Endlers. Fry. Pure bred Quantity for sale: Many Reason for Sale: Spread the genes Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £20 for 20 (unsexed) Fry Postage & Packaging: N/A, Collection only Location: St Albans, Hertfordshire Black Bar Endlers. Pure bred, never mixed...
  9. thrujenseyes

    My Little Fluval Edge 6 Gallon

    I adore my little fluval edge and all of its tiny inhabitants (even though it's excellent looking design makes it a bear to clean and rearrange).   I've found keeping this tank is far more difficult than keeping a large one as every little thing ....well, is not so little.   I tried to upload a...
  10. cooledwhip

    Shrimp Killing Endlers

    I have an emergency. I have a 20 gallon long with 3 dwarf neon rainbowfish, 1 albino BN pleco, 6 endlers, (3 female 3 male), 2 guppies, 2 panda platies and 6 RCS and 3 ghost shrimp. I walked into my room to see my largest ghost shrimp (1.-1.5 inches) chewing on something and it was my FAVORITE...
  11. M

    What Kind Of Fish Do I Have? Are They The Same?

    Ok this is my first time owning my own fish. My daughter got a free fish at a school then I got a similar look friend for him. I plan on getting more fish what are good tank mates for these two guys. I think they are guppies one is a baby.
  12. thrujenseyes

    What Should I Be Feeding My New Babies?

    I have 5 new adorable little endlers and I've been feeding them Tetra River Shrimp (sun dried krill) it's the only ingredient, so I don't think there are any other unnecessary fillers and or such.   Should I be mixing with flake food?  Do they need or want a variety.   I break the shrimp up into...
  13. thrujenseyes

    A Heartfelt Thank You To Everyone Here And Some Pics Of The Babies&#33

    I would like to thank all the awesome members that have helped me get back into the hobby that I so loved years ago.   I was able to cycle my little tank (fishless) in 18 days and it looks amazing.   It's now home to 5 adorable little endler guppies that are so insanely active and colorful that...
  14. GriffinC18

    Endler's And Guppies

    Hey guys, i recently have gotten Endler's livebearers. I already had guppies and was thinking about breeding them. I know the debate about how this is horrible and about keeping the strain of Endler's alive......i should tell you that i found these "Endler's" at a LFS and the two black bar are...
  15. Ch4rlie

    10 Gallon Endler & Shrimp Tank

    Thought I would do a thread about my 10 Gallon / 40 litre tank.   I plan to put in Black Bar Endlers, Red Cherry Shrimps and Assassin Snails.   Would like to get this tank done quickly and cheaply as possible    First off is my ClearsSeal tank i bought from eBay for the sum of £12.50, an...
  16. nortonmad213

    Female Endlers

    hi i am posting this in the vain hope that someone may be able to help me my LFS only has male endlers and i hope to breed them. (i think you can see the problem :P) so i am putting the word out that i am after about 5 female endlers. i live in bridgwater somerset. thanks a lot
  17. G

    New Endlers

    Hello! As you can maybe tell from my name I love Live Bearers! I have tons of tanks with them, I'm going to get some N class Endlers (pure Endlers) tomarrow! I'm really excited...
  18. tmoney7

    Good Fish Food

    So at the moment i have pygmy corys and a betta in a 10 gal and they both have their own food specifically for them.  When i get my other 10 gal tank cycled (which should be in about a week and a half) i will be putting endlers in there.  So what i was wondering is what kind of food i should get...
  19. tmoney7

    Good Fish Food

    So at the moment i have pygmy corys and a betta in a 10 gal and they both have their own food specifically for them.  When i get my other 10 gal tank cycled (which should be in about a week and a half) i will be putting endlers in there.  So what i was wondering is what kind of food i should get...