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  1. W

    Tips for my first aquarium!

    Hi all! I have just completed the set up of my first aquarium. It has driftwood, sand, a plant nutrition soil and plenty of plants. Something on the aquascape seems a bit off to me and I'm wondering if anybody has any tips! This tank is an EHEIM LED second-hand 150 litre aquarium, 60cm x 50cm. I...
  2. james_fish

    Anyone run a freshwater surface skimmer?

    Hi all My open top 53 gal gets caned with surface biofilm unless I have both my Sicce powerheads on. I'm not a big fan of having the powerheads on at all as it really restricts me from growing floating plants. So anyway, I was considering a surface skimmer, like the Eheim 350. Does anyone...
  3. A

    Eheim 2217

    Ok so my experience is the worse with my 2217 eheim classic lets hope u guys help me fix it. So my problem is that it keeps sucking air in the intake hose and thus hindering its working capacity. If thay air gpt in the canister it becomes loud and unbearable. What i do i get the suction bulb in...
  4. Suleika

    For Sale: Fluval Roma 125 Complete Aquarium Setup Including Cabinet &#

    Equipment:   Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium and Cabinet Oak, including 1x Fluval Heater (Fluval Mirrored M Series Heater 150watt) & 2x GLO T8 Light Tubes (although these and the light reflector need replacing) Aquarium Volume: 125 L Aquarium Measurements: 80 x 35 x 45 cm Cabinet Measurements: 80.6cm...
  5. YavaarNosimohomed

    Filter Broke For 65G Aquarium And I Don't Know What To Do?

    So literally just now my eheim 2213 canister filter started leaking. I didn't know what to do so I emptied out all the water. I have a spare fluval filter c3 hang on back filter but i dont think it has been cycled yet. I am letting it run on the tank till I can get a replacement canister filter...
  6. Zikofski

    Eheim Professional 3E 350 (2074)

    okay quick simple question i am trying to find as much info about this filter as i can, good and bad, does anyone have any bad experiences with this filter all information would be appreciated.
  7. P

    Filter For New 150L Aquarium

    I am currently setting up a new 150l aquarium and am trying to decide whether to buy an eheim classic 2213 canister filter or an aqua one 104f internal filter; if anyone knows anything about these could you let me know what is best and why? thanks.
  8. G

    Eheim Classic Splashbar Placement?

    Hello,   I just set up a new Ehim Classic Canister 600 (formerly 2217) for my 55 gal. I am not sure how to set up the splashbar.   In Tank: unplanted and I will be putting in platys, guppies, tetras.   I have it sitting about 1.5 inches below the water level on the back of the tank in the...
  9. Garbolino

    Eheim Filter / Tank Size

    Hi Paul, the flow would depend on what fish you are going to stock, some like it fast moving while some like a gentle flow My inlet is about 2inches from the bottom of my tank & my out let is at the opposite end of the tank approx an inch below the surface
  10. D

    Eheim 2222 Knocking Sound

    I have an Eheim 2222 and I keep hearing an intermittent knocking sound. The sound does not sound like it originates from the filter but from the tank. I placed my ear on the side of the tank and the knock is extremely loud. Could it be the impeller? How far are the blades suppose to turn on the...
  11. K

    Filtration For A 120 Gallon Aquarium?

    I am currently cycling a 120 gallon aquarium that I hope will eventually house a planted community discus tank.  My desires is to have 5 or 6 discus, clown loaches and cardinal tetras.  I have an eheim 228 that has a rated flow rate of 275 gallons per hour.  I like the eheim because it is silent...
  12. A

    Eheim Vs Fluval Canisters

    I am looking at a new filter for my 50 US Gal tank (48" x 12" x 20").  I have sand substrate and will have some planted plants.  I plan on mainly stocking with 2-3" fish that like to school like cherry barbs, tiger barbs, zebra danios, tetras, etc.   I have no idea where to start but the forum...
  13. Remesh

    Eheim Aquaball 130 Suction…

    Hello everybody! I have recently purchased one Eheim Aquaball 130. I have noticed something quite strange about it. It doesn't seem to be sucking to much of the stuff coming close to it. There are a lot of small and large particles that come close to it but they pass by the filter without being...
  14. Zikofski

    Glass Lily Pipes And Flow Advice Needed

    okay a couple of questions, i plan to do a smaller tank for when i go to Australia, planning a 30"x12"x15" 88L (23 Gal) now first thing is first flow seeming i am going for a heavily planted tank with co2 injection, from what i have learnt over the past few weeks/months i need good flow around...
  15. T

    Eheim 2224 - Bought Second Hand What Parts Are Needed?

    Just bought a second hand eheim 2224 pro for £25 in the hope that it can do a better job than an old rena xp2, basically all i have is the filter itself, by the looks im at least missing the pipe locking fixing to hold the pipes in place, i think the pipes im running on the rena are 16mm...