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  1. B

    Corydoras dying, idk what to do

    Hey there. I have a 10G that's been running for about a year and a half. It's also heavily planted. At this poin I don't know what to do because when I started I got 7 panda cories, 5 of them died along the way and I never understood why. My water is 24⁰C (75 F). Nitrite and ammonia are 0...
  2. H

    Tiger Barb Deaths: 3 in <24 hours

    Request Help Tank size: 38 Gal tank age: 1 Yr pH: 7 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 0 kH: gH: tank temp: Appx 78 to 80 There is a large bubble strip in bottom of tank hooked to a 55 gallon air pump so it's not an oxygenation issue. Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion...
  3. A

    PLEASE HELP planted tank cloudy water dead fish

    Okay HI I have a planted tank using organic soil that is technically used for plants like tomatoes. But I’ve had this tank for over 9 months because I got it on my birthday last year and it’s a 10 gallon fluval tank with special lights for plants and a built in filter. Now it’s been ruining...
  4. AmyKieran

    How will I ever know if my fish are dead?

    Hi I’ve recently set out my African cichlid tank in a way that there are rocks everywhere for the fish (ocean rock). If one of my fish die for any reason while in or behind the rocks, how will I ever know? And also won’t this just cause ammonia without me even knowing? Advice please?
  5. S

    Never ending ammonia issue

    Problem is we keep getting ammonia spikes, we changed water daily and it went good now it’s back to crap. Today the worst it’s been since sitting at 4. Question is I currently have the fish in a 100L tank. But I also have a spare 25L tank. Should I start cycling this tank, if so how long before...
  6. Jan Cavalieri

    I am a TERRIBLE fish owner- A lesson learned

    I have an Aqualear filter for my 29 gallon tank. I recently lost a number of fish when (I think) my assistant forgot to treat one if the large buckets of water - a number of them just dropped dead at the same time. Only the Pleco's survived. I ordered online (for a fortune) a number of...
  7. April_ht

    Dead platy fish

    I used to have 9 platies (or platy) in a 70 litre tank with 2 Chinese Algae Eaters, sold as ‘Sucking catfish’. The two catfish and 4 of the platies were rehomed as there were too many males, leaving me with 3 females and 1 male. Soon after, I bought 6 (Golden) White Cloud Mountain Minnows as it...
  8. Peterxr

    Dead tropical fish

    Hi, i am joining this forum as I humbly ask and beg your help. I had a very successful tropical did tank for several years. I would just do a routine water and filter change and swordtails bred well and I never needed to buy extra fish nor do any troubleshooting. Then last year, they all died...
  9. R84achey

    2 lemon tetras dead in 24hrs no obvious signs

    I’m so confused right now & sad right now. I’ve had 2 lemon tetras die in 24 hours. I’ve obviously removed them and there’s no obvious signs of illness or injuries. My parameters are ph 7 ammonia zero, nitrite zero and nitrates in the 5-10 range. I’ve had the tank set up around 2 months now, it...
  10. D

    Help! My glofish are dying and I can’t figure out why. :(

    I’m going to try to provide as much information as possible, so please bare with me. On March 26th I bought a Aqueon Neoglow Aquarium Kit Hexagon. It is an 8 gal. tank, I realized afterwards that the fish have to be in a tank of 10 gal. or more. My mom told me that we had to let the filter run...
  11. Circus

    Lost 2 Yoyo Loaches

    So I have a 55 gallon community tank that had 8 yoyo loaches, 12 Black Ruby Barbs, 12 Harlequin Rasboras, 2 BN Plecos, and a Blovian Ram. The day before yesterday (when I got off of work, a double shift) I found 2 of the YoYos dead, with the stomachs blown out (I believe from other fish picking...
  12. Dopatri

    Was my guppy fish suffering from disease?

    Hi, I’m wondering if I can have some opinions on what really happened to my female guppy! I bought her 3 days ago from a fish store and was told she was carrying, and would give birth to fry soon. However, upon observing her for the past two days I must say I was wondering whether she really was...
  13. S

    Fish dying

    Hi I have a problem. I bought a trio of swordfish one male two females. Females took to the tank right away. The male hid in the plants. I saw him swimming the first and second day. The third day found him dead. The tank has a pair of Rainbows, a few guppies and a Bristol nose place. it is a 10...
  14. V

    first dead fish

    My betta Finn died today, and i want to give him a proper way out any suggestions or what i do with the tank now hes dead do i do a water change??
  15. primsloaches16

    My Worst Nightmare- How do I recover this?

    Hey yall. If any of yall are in central texas I'm sure you're aware of the record breaking cold snowstorm weve been having. My power has been out for 2 days, and I had to leave my fish tanks behind when I went to stay with a relative. (Wrapped the tanks before we left) When we came back this...
  16. I

    My Harlequin Rasboras are dying one by one- HELP

    Tank size: 54l, 60x30x30 cm tank age: Fully cycled, one full week with fish pH: 6 ammonia:none nitrite:0 nitrate:<10 mg/l kH:20od gH:>4od tank temp:24 degrees celcius Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): One fish was swimming strangely...
  17. C

    How he passed away?

    In September, my betta of around 1 1/2 passed away. I had perfect parameters at the time during this situation, a lot of which was handled on reddit. I thought it was constipation so i fasted him and fed him peas. Yet the bulge would not go away and would grow and shrink as I did various...
  18. A

    Need help emergency! Betta and cardinal terra

    Bit of a long post but please read all PLEASE NOTE I am brand new to this and have only had my fish for around 1 week : I Have got a 30L tropical tank, which was left cycling for nearly 2 weeks before any fish went in. There is lots of live plants also some plastic ones, lots of hiding spots...
  19. LexiLex888

    One fish dead the other not looking good help!!

    So yesterday evening I did a water change on my goldfish tank (40 gallons) that only had two small goldfish in it. They seemed to be fine yesterday but this morning I woke up to one dead and the other laying on the bottom of the tank and it looks like his skin is peeling off? I do this water...
  20. C

    Can anyone suggest what wrong?

    Hi All! My first post on here so please be nice haha So I’ve had my tank for around about 2 months now. I’ve got 3 German blue rams, 3 cobalt dwarf gourami, 8 neon tetras, 5 black phantom tetras, 3 Mickey Mouse plattys, 3 rummynose, 3 Cory cats, 5 reed tetras and 4 gold terras and 5 harlequins...