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  1. Alm0stAwesome

    The Angel Isles: Planted Community Tank

    I figure I'll start a thread to chart the progress of this recently set up tank. This won't just be about plants but about my fish as well and I like to post lots of pictures   This first post will be fairly long as I'd like to go a little into the set up of the tank as well as how it is now...
  2. B

    Betta And Tetras Does It Work?

    I'm thinking about keeping a betta and tetra community tank. I was wondering what people who've had experience with this set up think. I've kept bettas and corydoras before and they got along but at feeding time the betta would eat all the corydora food and the corydoras would get almost none...
  3. T

    Feeding Clown Loaches In A Comm. Tank

    I'm about done fishless cycling my 120gal tank (48 x 24 x 24), so I'm in the process of preparing to add my full fish load once it's ready so as not to loose any of my beneficial bacteria. My initial plan is to stock with 5 adult clown loaches and a handful of tetra, danios, and barbs. I'm not...
  4. nikkifro8994

    Hair Algae Help!

    I was gone for 10 days on vacation. My mom fed all my tanks for me while I was gone. I got home and saw hair algae all over my 10 gallon community tank. It had a tiny bit before I left, but I didn't think anything of it. My other 10 gallon has a little inside the filter intake tube. These 2...
  5. S

    Re-Making My Community Tank

    Hey, currently I have a rio 240 with a gravel substrate with plastic plants. I'm thinking about changing my tank around maybe going planted with 6 corys but I'm curious to as which fish would look and go best with them and which fish I currently have that I could keep and whether or not I need...
  6. J

    Shrimps Or Pleco

    I'm coming to the end of a fishless cycle for my 190 litre community tank. I've more or less decided my stocking list, but I'm needing some advice on algae eaters. I'm thinking of getting some shrimp or a small pleco. I have listed my specs below, and was wondering if anyone had ideas on what i...