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    Ehiem Aquaball

    I have yet to see a filter better than eheim in any category.
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    Fish Surgery
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    Air Bubble Mystery

    if you have bubbles on the surface of the water and they don't break on their own, it is almost always ammonia in the water.
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    Bottled Spring Water

    Bottled water isn't any better than dechlorinated tap water. In fact, it can be worse if it doesn't have trace elements, as mentioned above. There are some very experienced fishkeepers who use RO water, or some type of bottled water, but it is carefully mixed and tested, and usually has...
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    Source Of Bacteria, Can It Come From A Bottle?

    there are tons of threads about this, if you search. I don't think that stuff works at all. It's a lot better if you can get a piece of filter media or gravel from an established tank.
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    Is My Cory Sick Or Dieing

    it sounds to me like he either has gas in his abdomen or a swim bladder problem, causing him to be unable to control his buoyancy. Unfortunately I don't know much about treating this :( Hopefully someone else might have some reccomendations.
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    Sharing The Feed

    My tetras are greedy too, what I do is put some slow sinking "distraction food" in one corner of the tank. Once they are sufficiently distracted, I take a few sinking pellets for my bottom feeders in my palm, make a fist, and submerge it down to about half way on the other side. The tetras...
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    It's actually an animal called diatoms. They don't like light, and tend to form in a tank around the 6 week mark, just after it's finished cycling. They will go away on their own, or increasing the light may speed up their departure. Increasing the light may result in an algae bloom too, so...
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    Undergravel Filter

    Some people may like undergravel filters, but I don't. They were used a lot until external filters became popular. External filters (either hang on back types or canister) are much more effective filters. My advice is don't bother with undergravel.
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    Dead Fish

    I just toss them in the trash. Flushing is not a very good idea. You could plug up your pipes, or worse yet, introduce some tropical disease into your local watershed.
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    Urgent....please Help...cloudy Tank

    If you're interested in the science of the tank, the cloudy water and smell is caused by excess ammonia and proteins in the water from fish waste. This will also cause foaming. If you can agitate the surface of the water and the bubbles don't pop almost instantly, I guarantee that you have...
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    I Have A Snail...

    the snails you get as hitchhikers (most likely ramshorn) are purely aquatic and will die out of water.
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    What Will Go With Angel Fish?

    So they've only been together for a month. I wouldn't call that successful yet ;)
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    Need Answering

    what size is the tank? Common plecs grow to be 12" long, so even though he's 4" now, he still has a lot of growing to do.
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    Advice Needed On What Bottom Fish To Get

    white clouds and ghost shrimp are a good combination. White clouds, being subtropical, won't mix well with some of the common bottom feeders. I've heard that bronze cories are quite tolerant of lower temperatures.