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    Just Saying Hi... Again!

    Hi all,   Just a quick hi and hello, I've been on these forums for ages but haven't been active in a while. I'm still keeping fish and have a nice stable tank, nothing fancy but it does it for me. I'll perhaps post some recent pictures later. I still have the Roma 200 with 1 angel, a cherry barb...
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    2 Batches Of Fry Together

    MTS... it gets us all!!! I'm down to two tanks at the moment, but I'm itching to set up another, probably for breeding another batch of Celestial Pearl Danios.
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    New Fish

    Thanks for the replies guys. You know I thought Oto's we're meant to be peaceful fish. Most of mine are, but one in particular is swimming round like crazy. It does seem though like it's trying to get frisky with one of the other larger possibly female Oto's. Perhaps it's so happy it's trying to...
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    2 Batches Of Fry Together

    Yeah I think your main problem is feeding if you keep both batches together, perhaps grow the new batch on for a couple of weeks till they're a similar size to the first and add them then.
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    Super Double Red Apistos

    Stop it... I want some again! One of the best fish I have ever kept, both in terms of temperament and character and also for their stunning colours. Nice examples, hope they do well.
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    Siamese Fighting Fish

    Male bettas are best kept either on their own or with very peaceful fish that won't bully or nip at the betta's fins. Also don't keep more than one male betta, or keep it with other brightly coloured fish or you'll have fireworks!
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    Power Cut

    Unfortunately most Gas central heating systems have electric pumps and wouldn't work during a power cut! Most tropical tanks will be fine for a few hours without any water movement. The first priority is keeping the tank warm, hot water in plastic bottles is a great idea.
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    New Tank Disaster

    Yeah, unfortunately by not adding mature filter media to the filter in the new tank you've put your fish into a tank with an un-cycled filter. Unfortunately the water which you transferred while at a chemistry the fish are used to holds little to no beneficial bacteria, it's really the bio-film'...
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    New Fish

    I went out today with the intention of picking up some BN catfish, of which I picked up three juvi fish. Nice coloured examples, I know the light spots will go as they grow, but they're nice fish anyway. I'm also hoping that by getting three that I've got a good chance of getting at least a male...
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    Fish Tank Lid ?

    If you want perspex cut nice and straight I'd see if the DIY store will do it, you'll get a neater edge, the only thing left to do would be to polish it if you want to tidy it up. Bit of wet and dry paper and about 20 minutes should do it.
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    Heater Bust?

    I'd keep an eye on it, they are meant to be sealed units, I'd check mine to see if it looks the same but it's at the back of the tank behind some plants, perhaps I should move mine so I can see it!
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    What Dry Food?

    Normally tetra prima, with algae or catfish tablets for my cory's etc. I have used Hikari first bites to bring fry on, and also Hikari algae tabs too. The fish don't seem to respond to other foods well, and even though the tub's more expensive, because there's more in it Tetra Prima actually...
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    What Are The Chances Of A Fish Jumping Out Of Tank...

    I had a neon tetra get too excited an jump out at feeding time, just landed on the lip of the tank so I flipped it back in.
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    Male Or Female Cockatoo?

    Yeah, on second glance, 'he' is starting to develop longer fins and more colour.
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    Changing Substrate

    You can never over filter, and you can always turn the flow of the bigger filter down, you can't get any more out of a smaller filter once it's running at max. You'll also go longer between needing to clean the filter out as there's more filter media for the water to go through. Here's a link...