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    Sump For Fw (270 Gallon Tank)

    Sorry to butt in, these Bio - Balls, one of the websites I've been looking at has them submerged in the water of the sump where the water in is. Do they need to be above the water level and have water constantly flowing through them? If so how do you go about doing that?
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    Hi all, At the moment I'm looking at upgrading my tropical tank from an external filter to having a sump. Looking round all the sites people have suggested on here I have come across this term refugium. I know its probably a daft question but what is one and on a freshwater tropical tank do...
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    Help With Material For 3000 Gallon Tank

    I'm being a bit dense here i think :blush: but let me get my head around this. Do you want a tank tank? as in glass see through sides etc or more like a pond?
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    Minnows In A 50gal Pond? Where To Get Licence?

    Lol. I'm not sure about keeping smaller fish in there but I'd be wary about taking fish from the wild and putting them in a pond. They thrive so well in the wild because they have a lot of space and in many cases when fish are taken from the wild they don't do so well and often end up dead...
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    Minnows In A 50gal Pond? Where To Get Licence?

    The simple answer is that they don't really happily live in a 50 gallon barrel. Goldfish are one of the messiest fish around so if you think how much mess one produces per day (don't know exactly how much) and then think about how small a space you're going to put it in even in a 50 gallon tank...
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    Also don't forget heaters heat the water immeditaely around them and when that water is to temperature they are fooled into turning off, once that water has moved away and they sense the cooler temperature they will turn back on
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    The Lfs

    Just to play devils advocate for a bit I think in what you've just said you've hit upon the crux of the problem. I'm not saying its right but the owners of these shops are having a hard time trying to compete with internet business. Having worked in an lfs for a few years and having seen the...
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    Do U Pet Ur Fish

    Nice interesting names
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    Are U Really Satisfied With Ur Tank

    I'm not really happy with either of my tanks at the moment but on a tight budget I can't do much about it. Although, as was said ealier so long as the water is ok and the fish are happy thats something to be satisfied about right?
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    Do U Pet Ur Fish

    Geoff the plec has a tendancy of sitting on my hand / arm when its in the tank and my mollies if i skimming something off the surface with my hand cupped sit inside my hand for a ride
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    Lfs Hates Me!

    I agree with everyone else ... if everyone else on that forum doesn't know what happened let them know and let them judge for themselves
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    Everyone's Pet Hate About The Local Fish Shop!

    I can relate to that and was in my lfs today where an employee was being told ny a customer that koi and orfe will be fine in a 1ft deep by 3ft round pond
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    Fish Quiz

    Good god is this still going?
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    Everyone's Pet Hate About The Local Fish Shop!

    Sorry yeah if I hadn't been in rant mode and maybe qualified what I'd said we might have avoided quite a few of the previous posts :blush:
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    Ok Ppl! Whats Ur Dream Tank?

    Actually sod it I'd like to change mine. I'd like to just fill my house with water and have a manta ray swimming round lol