Russjw - January 2020 Tank of the Month Winner!


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Sep 23, 2013
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Northeastern USA
We have a winner in
January 2020 Tank
of the Month Contest

We had 5 super nice tanks entered in a very competitive TOTM contest but only one could win...

And the winner is.......................:band:

Let's all congratulate Russjw
Here is his tank and its description

Hi folks :)

This is my fluval Roma River stream tank.

*220 litres (100x40x55 cms)
*Been running for 3 months
*2 x heaters with a HTC306 T duel controller.
*Fluval 405 canister filter with spray bar, duel sponge filter.
*2x bubble stones
*Substrate: Play sand with some fine gravel for contrast.
*Plants: Cryptocoryne Beckettii/ Parva, Rotala Indica, Amazon Swords, Green Tiger Lotus, Hygrophia, Hornwort, Moss balls, other stem plants and Water lettuce floating. Artificial ivy at rear.
*Decor: Driftwood, River rock, green oase stone and black pebbles.
*fish feed Omega one flakes, NLS small pellets and fluval bug bites with plant matter such as Duckweed.
*Plant feed i use Root tabs and weekly liquid Fert.
*Maintance/parameters: Ammonia 0,
Nitrite 0, nitrates 5-10ppm, ph 7.4, temp 25c.
Weekly water changes 50 to 75%

*Current stocking:
13 Super Red Rosy Barbs
9 Odessa Barbs
6 Otocinclus Dwarf Catfish
4 Amano Shrimp
Malaysian trumpet snails
4 Assassin snails

Thanks for looking :)
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Russjw: Congrats on your well deserved win with your fantastic looking tank. You have the magic touch.

To our members: our Pet of the Month contest has started. If you have a pet in your household, consider entering him in the contest.
Entry thread is here:

On February 1st, our TOTM contest resumes. In mid February, our Fish of the Month contest will start. Hope you all consider entering the contests.
Wicked!! Thank you :) means alot.

Thanks to everyone who voted in this months contest, there were some lovely tanks on show so im chuffed to win.

Much appreciated :thanks:

P.s Thank you to @Fishmanic for all your efforts and sorting of the contests. Hats off to you :drinks:
Congrats @Russjw! You really deserve the win, your tank has come a lot from day one. A well deserved win. :thumbs:

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