Python Question

danio2004 said:
corrosive said:
Or am i completely wrong and this attatches to a drill :|.
It attaches to a drill
uses the spinning motion of the chuck to pump liqueds.
Cool im good with a drill i will talk to my mum about getting one (the tool).

I have seen some other, and less powerful ones... do i need to get the one you suggested?
vdan said:
Wont that over heat the water going into the tank? When I has doing that (can't remeber on what now) the stuff coming out was a lot more warmer than the what was going in.
If that is the case I would use a variable speed
drill and use the lowest setting, or just use colder water to start with.
Here's that link:

Animal House

You can pick one up for £30 and it wont cost you any p&p. It's free over £30.
(I think) ;)

You can also buy extensions.
You will need an adapter for the tap though. Hozelock do them and as far as I'm aware so do Animal House. You'll need one part for the Python to screw to (these are normally on the end of hosepipes) and another to connect to that and then fix to your tap.

Animal House are normally pretty good. You can get stuff delivered quite quick. ;)
just bought the 25ft from animal house...

and a pack of 2 air line clamps for 99p to push it over the £30 free shipping limit :D
I got my python last week - and have run out of tanks that need a water change :(

I did 3 in about 40mins - normalls takes about that for one! (what with the bucket filling, emptying and refilling etc)

best thing i've bought for maintainance :D

JUST DONT FORGET THE DECLORINATOR - (we only have one tank with a slight spike - oops. but I did clean the filter and swap 50% of the media at the same time :crazy: My bacteria is'nt as bullet proof as I'd thought!)
Have just ordered my Python No Spill Kit to ;)

Fed up of using bloomin' buckets and spilling water all over the place !!!

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