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Dec 31, 2022
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The previous python thread wandered. What’s the executive summary on the python water exchange system. is it effective? Thumbs up or thumbs down.
Thumbs up from me :)
I prefer "stump".
I love pythons and will buy another when my current homemade one leaks. The hose quality is really good. But I don't use the tap attachment.
I have had a python for 11 years now. Never had a problem with it except the shutoff broke but a better replacement made from brass was easily found. I have no complaints about the python except that it does waste water when siphoning your tank using tap water pressure. I only use it on one 29 gallon tank so I don't waste much water.
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Half thumb up. The siphon component is good and the hose that it comes with, I have a 50' hose, is top notch and quite flexible when it needs to be. I don't use the water filler component, I have to pay for water and I have a septic system which doesn't like a lot of extra water so I don't use the waterbed venturi water vacuum attachment. I fill the tank from our taps using a flexible garden hose connected to a utility sink, and a plastic garden sprayer instead. I drain the largest tank first with the siphon, then start it filling while I start draining the next tank.
I use the Python gravel vac for my larger tanks (20 and 55 gallon). I will use the water fill but only during summer months as the water is too cold out of the outside water connection. I don't have an inside tap that will connect the Python. I hope to fix that eventually as carrying the buckets, while is good exercise, can take a lot more time and ends up usually with water on the floor.
So I bought and used my python for the first time because of the consensus of TFF opinions. It was terrific. I’m glad I made the purchase. The only dark cloud is the distance from my tank to the closest faucet is 28 feet. I could not buy the 25 foot python that is considerably cheaper than the 50 foot model.

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