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Personalising account questions

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Sep 29, 2023
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QLD, Australia
Just a few quick questions ;)

1. How long will I have the ‘new member tag’ (more to the point, when can I edit it?) Not impatient, just curious.
Edit- sorry don’t bother with this question someone already answered it and silly me didn’t see ;)

2. How do I add the little things that follow after all your messages? (I very much doubt you type them in every time). Is that also a member thing?

Also, on a different note, stupid me spelt julii wrong on my name tag (noticed yesterday, cue face slap) and now I have to wait a month to change it…

Thanks a bunch! :)
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No idea about tags and fixing names, that's for the mods.

The smiley faces and other emojis are in the smilies button just above where you type a response. If you click the smilies button, a pop up window appears and you can choose the emojis you want to add. :werewolf:
Thanks for that about the emojis :thanks:
The thing in my profile said I can change my account name next month, which is where that came from (not really relevant, just wanted to make sure people knew I actually knew how to spell julii)

Sorry personal question you don’t have to answer it- are you on a paid membership? Only asking to see if your tag (fish guru) is customised or if that’s just something you get after a certain number of posts ;)

The second question was about the things below your messages (yours is ‘I'm so messed up, when I go to the psychiatrist he asks me if I hear voices in my head‘ etc.)
I was wondering how I added that or if it’s a membership thing.

No rush, just wanted to try and customise my profile, as seeing how great this forum is I think I’m here to stay :lol:
There are all these little things added by number of posts. The business side of a forum needs posts, and these are supposed to encourage us. If you become a contributing member I think you can make changes. If I ever post enough to reach the 'guru' level, I'll try to get rid of that one!

You can add a sig file statement to appear below your messages, but the system is set up for the forum labels. You do that through your profile.

Alright, figured the signature out, and I think I get the points system that changes what your tag is (The sig’s a bit cringe, but I’ll change it at some point). Thanks guys!
The 'new member' automatically changes when you have made more posts in the fish related areas of the forum. Colin_T is 'fish guru' because he has made over 15,000 posts.

The forum has a subscription option (click on the 'supporting member' icon under Colin_T's name) and one of the things you can then do is change that 'new member' to whatever you want.
Alright the ‘supporting member’ thing makes sense, I don’t think I can get a subscription yet but maybe one day ;). Think I’ve got everything!

:thanks: everyone!

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