My betta won't eat blood worms. Pet of the Month
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Jun 14, 2018
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I am using omega one freeze dried blood worms, I soak them in water before I try and feed them to my betta, but he just won't eat them. I tried dangling them, I even tried mushing it into a ball so he would think it was one of his pellets that he absolutely loves. It went into his mouth, but then he spit it out right away. Does he not like them? Or should I the frozen ones? Or should I try to feed them a different way to him?
Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Freeze dried foods should be put on the surface and left to float around. Lots of fish hate freeze dried foods but will readily take frozen (but defrosted) foods. If you have an established filter on the tank you can try feeding him frozen but defrosted bloodworms and brineshrimp, and they will also eat aphids, mozzie larvae, small flies and adult mosquitoes. Just make sure the insects are free of chemicals, no bug sprays :)
One of my bettas doesn't like blood worms either, freeze dried or frozen/thawed. I don't bother with them much anymore, frozen brine shrimp are something all my fish will eat.
you lot have weird fish. Mine would eat anything, they even picked at the hairs on my arm. If the fish were bigger they would have taken my arm too :)

Try feeding more variety of food and offer a little bit each day. Fish and all animals have taste buds and strange foods can take a while before they are readily accepted.

If they are really fussy and don't want frozen bloodworms, try raw prawn/ shrimp. I have yet to find a fish that refuses raw prawn that is cut up into little bite size pieces.
Freeze dried blood worms aren't as nutritious or flavorful as the frozen ones. Your betta wants a cheeseburger and you're giving it beef jerky.
Never feed freeze dried food with out soaking it in tank water for 20 mins

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