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blood worms

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  1. Retired Viking

    blood worm?

    Today I went to dump out what was left on the bottom of the bucket I used to catch what I vacuumed out of one of my tanks and noticed a red worm about the width of a hair and an inch long moving around. I know blood worms are fish food but didn't expect to see one alive. Is there anything I...
  2. I

    My betta won't eat blood worms.

    I am using omega one freeze dried blood worms, I soak them in water before I try and feed them to my betta, but he just won't eat them. I tried dangling them, I even tried mushing it into a ball so he would think it was one of his pellets that he absolutely loves. It went into his mouth, but...
  3. W

    Pale Serpae Tetra Not Eating?

    Hey, so one of my eight serpae tetras has looked a little more pale and ragged than the rest of my serpaes for a while now, and I noticed today that it was going after the food aggressively but would spit it out immediately after trying to eat it. I used the flake food that I give to my serpaes...