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Oct 12, 2009
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Lincoln uk
a bit like meet the mods. Here goes...

Forum Name...Ianho

Location...Lincolnshire, England

Number of Years in Hobby...approx 4 years, 3 of which where in cold water

Fishkeeping Profile...Currently running Juwel Trigon 190 and a 60ltr sat doing nothing, maybe turning it into some kind of biotope

Favourite fish species...Angels and Cardinal Tetras

Favourite LFS...Maidenhead, Lincoln

Aquatic Likes...I do like to see a good Biotope filled with a Shoal of something

Aquatic Dislikes...I hate to see sunken ships and tri coloured illuminous gravel

Aquatic Achievements...I have yet to kill any plants...oh hang on, i killed a aquatic Lily.

Non-fish related fact...I'm a Registered nurse working on a busy EAU dept, have a little boy of 2 and have been with my patner for 12 years

Other Hobbies...Golf, Football, Training homeless dogs, teaching 2 year olds how to count.



Fish Aficionado
Jan 14, 2009
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Forum Name...fatheadminnow (FHM)

Location...New Richmond, WI, USA

Number of Years in Hobby...2 years

Fishkeeping Profile...55 gallon high-tech, CO2 injection planted tank with Cichlids, 3 10 gallon tanks current all used for breeding Kribensis, which I have a lot of now! 29 gallon home to a very aggressive Cichlid.

Favourite fish species...Cichlids

Favourite LFS...Forrest Lake Pets

Aquatic Likes...I like a nicely planted/aquascaped tank, and shoals.

Aquatic Dislikes...I do not like to see "fake" tanks, I like natural looking tanks.

Aquatic Achievements...Been successfully breeding Kribensis now for nearly 6 months!

Non-fish related fact... My favorite Hobby is cars, yes, more so than fish :lol:, and I currently have a '95 Acura Integra GSR which I am building and will have over 500+ Horse Power once I am done!



Dec 21, 2006
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Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Forum Name Truck

Location Derbyshire, England

Number of Years in Hobby 6/7 Years

Fishkeeping Profile Currently running 54 litre tank ready for DP's

Favourite fish species Neolamprologus multifasciatus

Favourite LFS Wharf aquatics, pinxton notts.

Aquatic Likes Plants

Aquatic Dislikes...I hate to see sunken ships and tri coloured illuminous gravel

Aquatic Achievements Keeping and growing plants successfully.

Non-fish related fact I play football in my spare time.

Other Hobbies.Football, Playing on my Xbox, Squash, Badminton.


comfortably numb
May 23, 2008
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Forum Name... markandhisfish

Location...essex uk

Number of Years in Hobby...just under 4

Fishkeeping Profile..currently running 100ukg with malawi cichlids

Favourite fish species
.. jaguar cichlid

Favourite LFS..still waiting to be found.

Aquatic Likes...nice natural looking tanks

Aquatic Dislikes.. badly stocked tanks , sunken ships/skulls/no fishing signs etc . fish-in cycle

Aquatic Achievements...none really other than maintaining a nice healthy tank

Non-fish related a chelsea fan , i used to keep tarantulas , at 1 point i had over 70 different species

Other, football , photography


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Jun 15, 2009
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Forum Name...Wills

Location...Hull, East Yorkshire, England

Number of Years in Hobby...5 years

Fishkeeping Profile... 65 gallon wiht fluval FX5, 1 Female Nic, 1 Female Heros Seveus, 6 Lake Kubuti Rainbow Fish, 3 Geophagus sp. Tocantis, 3 Annostomus Ternetzi, 1 L75 and 1 L135

Favourite fish species...Severums ;)

Favourite LFS... Ferrybridge Aquatics, Fish Inc, Maidenhead Aquatics @ Beverley

Aquatic Likes... Well considered stocking of tanks, with unusual species.

Aquatic Dislikes... and the sudden increase in the amount of monster fish in small tanks we are seeing and putting my foot in it :blush:

Aquatic Achievements... Bred HRP and raised the fry - not really had the right fish to get achievements out of really.

Non-fish related fact... None of you look like I expected :p And Ive been ice skating for 12 years :)


Fish Crazy
Jan 24, 2010
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Wigan, UK

Forum Name...Ferg1985

Location...Wigan, England

Number of Years in Hobby...Not been 'in the hobby' for several years, but had my first tank at 11 (so roughly 9 years)

Fishkeeping Profile...425 ltr ND Aquarium & Aquastart 65ltr both on order :crazy:

Favourite fish species...Barbs

Favourite LFS...BAS, Bolton

Aquatic Likes...Shoals and Community tanks, planted tanks, Natural-looking tanks

Aquatic Dislikes...Novelty ornaments, seeing Goldfish bowls or Shoebox sized 'tanks' for sale :grr:

Aquatic Achievements...Wouldn't say I've 'acheived' anything as such, other than (hopefully) happy fish in the past!

Non-fish related fact...Qualified Architectural Technologist (but due to this bleedin' recession I can't get into practice!) so I'm a full time shelf-stacker for a discount shop :angry: Also I've scuba-dived just off the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsundays, something I thought I'd never do but was possibly the best experience of my life! :hyper:

Other Hobbies...Architecture/Music/Travel/TV/Internet/Socialising

Oh and any resemblence to the churchill dog is pure coincedence - I've lost that bit of chubbiness since this pic :unsure:


stuck between a rock and a fish tank
May 4, 2004
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Forum Name...Simonas

Location...Wirral, England

Number of Years in Hobby..since 15 approx 19 yrs

Fishkeeping Profile.. now only a 150g Piranha tank and a small Channa Orientalis tank which I will convert to marine in nextfew weeks

Favourite fish species...Fire eel any oddballs!plecs

Favourite LFS...Pier Aquatics Wigan nationally... locally Andys Aquatics Birkenhead

Aquatic Likes...Big healthy predators

Aquatic Dislikes...ignorance to the welfare and needs of the fish some people keep

Aquatic Achievements...Breeding my Channa Orientalis this yr after 2 yrs of tryingh

Non-fish related fact...I'm a criminal solicitor, married for nearly 6 yrs with a 7 yr old boy and 4 yr old girl

Other, snakes, cars tv and ps3


Eternally pruned fingers!
Feb 10, 2007
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Swinging London, UK.
Forum Name...jennybugs

Location...Swinging East London

Number of Years in Hobby...seriously for the last 4 years plus earlier experience with coldwater fish

Fishkeeping Profile...currently running 8 tanks - 2 fancy goldfish, 2 puffers, 2 marines, 2 planted communities.

Favourite fish species...puffers

Favourite LFS...Amwell Aquatics - Epping and Wholesale Tropicals - Bethnal Green.

Aquatic Likes...tanin stained biotopes.

Aquatic Dislikes...goldfish in unsuitably small and unfiltered tanks.

Aquatic Achievements...nothing spectacular really - I am addicted to scaping aquariums and successfully run biorbs and biubes My Tanks.

Non-fish related fact...I work with cancer sufferers and knit PS3 Little Big Planet Sack Boys.

Other Hobbies...I'm a classic car nut and own a classic VW Beetle and an old Fiat 500 along with a retro '60's caravan. I love camping, anything artistic/creative and cats.



Fish Herder
Feb 11, 2009
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Forum Name...Littlemonkey

Location...Midlands - Warwickshire

Number of Years in Hobby...6 years, when younger had the goldfish

Fishkeeping Profile...4ft community and 60 litre apple snail tank

Favourite fish species...peacefull types

Favourite LFS...Maidenhead Aquatics, Stratford-upon-Avon

Aquatic Likes...Natural tanks

Aquatic Dislikes...People who don't take notice of advice given

Aquatic Achievements...At last producing Ivory/mother of pearl Apple snails

Non-fish related fact...Sales Administrator for a company that supplys Excavators (not jcb :p )

Other Hobbies...Play Golf, used to play Rugby, just watch it now. Reading, having a laugh and gardening.

Ben M

Formerly pest control
Jul 22, 2009
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East Yorkshire
Forum Name... pest control

Location... East Yorkshire, England

Number of Years in Hobby...approx 6 years, 2 of which where in cold water

Fishkeeping Profile...Currently running rena 4ft community, hope to get a 2ft species tank for my breeding pair of kribs.

Favourite fish species...corries (even though i've never had any lol) and kribs

Favourite LFS...Maidenhead, Beverley

Aquatic Likes...huge shoals of tiny fish, and cichlids guarding fry.

Aquatic Dislikes...i hate illuminous gravel, and seeing goldfish in a bowl.

Aquatic Achievements...i have successfully bred mollies, guppies, harlequins and kribs.

Non-fish related fact...student, i represent my school in the east riding cross country championships, i'm in the school rugby team, (although i can't play ATM due to neck injury :( ) going to be a vet when i'm older. grade 6 piano and grade 5 violin. member of the east riding intermediate orchestra, soon joining the east riding youth orchestra.

Other Hobbies..running, airgun shooting, animals, biking, gardening, getting injured doing dumb things, playing instruments, jumping over things, R&B/ hip hop/ rap music, doing crazy things on my bmx, keeping fit, mountain climbing, and hmm, what's that other thing? oh yeah, fish keeping. :p


Fish Addict
Nov 4, 2009
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west midlands,uk
Forum Name...Plecostomus-mad

Real Name... Mark

Location...Midlands - hereford

Number of Years in Hobby...little under 5 months

Fishkeeping Profile...4ft pleco & cat community and 2ft 60 litre project tank

Favourite fish species... peckoltia,Leporacanthicus,Ancistrus,and many more.

Favourite LFS...Maidenhead Aquatics, hereford

Aquatic Likes...planted,natural,

Aquatic Dislikes...over stocked tanks, tiny tanks with a lonely fish.messy tanks

Aquatic Achievements...none as yet, kept my fish alive :)

Non-fish related a computer technician, im restoring a 1984 nissan z31 2+2 turbo ( childhood car i washed weekly :) )

Other,bikes,anything interesting i find on the net, chess,snooker,gym...and pleco's!


channa aka snakehead
Dec 13, 2005
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Bournemouth Dorset / Medellin Colombia
Forum Name...nelly

Location...Bournemouth Dorset

Number of Years in Hobby...Long time...started keeping fish at 14 now im 33

Fishkeeping Profile... five foot.....1channa pleurophthalma/1 chocolate cichlid/4 silver sharks/4 Pimelodus pictus/1 spotted silver dollar/1 senegal birchir

three foot temp...1 halfbanded eel/1 reedfish/1 bristlenose plec he was last of my babies/1 unidentified dwarf plec

One 18 litre with a male and female dwarf puffer...

2.5ft ish with juvi channa ornatipinnis

Favourite fish species...Channa<aka snakeheads/ south n central american Cichlids and madagascan's...oddball's

Favourite LFS...DP FISHWAY'S

Aquatic Likes...The larger tank's or tropical ponds the better

Aquatic Dislikes...Being judged to quickly.....Also stange objects in tanks or bare tanks,

Aquatic Achievements...Been successfully breeding CHANNA ORNATIPINNIS<1st in the world>blow my own trumpet :lol: Also bred BRISTLENOSE PLECS Also bred angelfish around 10 times but never had space to seperate and dad kept raising then eating the babies :rolleyes:

Non-fish related fact...Well i like to socialise with friend's and hate football :huh: Like to travel and am still planning my eventual move to colombia south america, yes thats COLOMBIA NOT <COLUMBIA> Like car's and motorbike's...At present im a bus driver at the university

Me in colombia with the local wildlife, trying to make birdie noises so he wont fly away


Fish Addict
Aug 28, 2009
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Forum Name... mr130gallon

Real Name... Adrian

Location... Winnipeg, Canada

Number of Years in Hobby... since i was approx. 10 years old (6-7 years) on and off, but only seriously into it since about august of 2009

Fishkeeping Profile... 130 gallon (hence the forum name) planted FW community, 17-18 gallon planted rejects aquarium, and an ~30 gallon tank to be set up as a paludarium

Favourite fish species... Neon Tetras in big shoals, plecos, pictus cats, CORYS!

Favourite LFS... Bird Shop and Aquariums

Aquatic Likes... planted, big shoals, predator tanks, natural

Aquatic Dislikes... tiny tanks with no filter and heater for goldfish :sick: :eek:sama: , fake looking tanks with CRAZY colours.

Aquatic Achievements... breeding kribensis and guppies.

Non-fish related fact... im a 16 year old student... and am a Liverpool supporter (one of the few Canadians who support the reds)

Other Hobbies... HOCKEY! SOCCER! chilling with friends, watching Liverpool games on TV... i might add to this list later lol


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