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  • Hi mate,
    Meant to say welcome back, when you rejoined the interweb this past week!
    Don't know if you had already read, but I now have a duo of young S. tinanti after all, they are so much bolder than my casuarius.
    Let me know if you fancy any S. casuarius or Ilyodon xantusi yungsters, I have 48/~29 and counting (another female will drop in the next couple of weeks).
    Hi Nelly,Just read your sad post about a young Blockhead Cichlid jumping out of the tank. :(
    Any chance you could let me know where you aquired him/her from? I still love the idea of these guys, but google is not showing up any sources in the UK, yet alone it the Southampton area (although Aquajardin has a tintani variant I think).
    love you babe dont fo ever ever ever ever ever lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so glad ur here fpr a while longer xxxxxxxxx
    Hi, Thanks for the info on The pictus... At the time when I puchased him he was the only one... I bought another like 5 months later.. and obviousely was too late.. (He) attacked him... So i had to get rid of him... He swims with the Synos... So i resume he think thats his new group... LOl.. You sound like the person i need to talk to about fish....
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