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Emsworth Aquaria And Reptiles, Drayton, Portsmouth


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Mar 16, 2010
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Emsworth Aquaria and Reptiles, Drayton, Portsmouth
This is the closest LFS to where I live, and probably my least favourite. As well as fish, as the name suggests they have a wide range of snakes and lizards, as well as amphibians, tortoises, etc. THey also have the live food for the reptiles, so it's quite amusing to hear a grasshopper or cricket chirping away.
On the aquatic side, they have a small range of coldwater species, and a reasonable selection of tropicals. There is some relavent care information on the tanks (such as "This species should not be kept in a Biorb"). They do have a good range of Siamese Fighting Fish, including crowntails and halfmoons, some kept individually, some with appropriate tankmates in the normal display tank. They also have an excellent range of aquatic dry goods, including a very wide choice of substrates.
I used to take my youngest son in there regularly (once every 2/3 weeks) as he is fascinated by the snakes and lizards, so I would always pop over to the aquatics. On one such occasion, I saw dead fish in 5 different tanks.
At one point, I "liked" their Facebook page. I stopped liking the page, as there was rarely an aquatic post, the majority were regarding the reptiles. These two factors led me to conclude that aquatics is a secondary facet to their business, and this is why they are my least favourite LFS.
Customer Service
On the occasions when I have asked staff questions, their knowledge appeared vague. However, when a Siamese Fighting Fish I had bought died within 24 hours, and was returned, they offered a replacement without fuss (obviously having tested water).
  • Good range of Siamese Fighters
  • Huge range of dry goods.
  • Some indications of care requirements
  • Specialist knowledge on aquatics seems to me to be lacking
  • Relatively small range of livestock, compared to other independent LFS in this area
  • Too focussed on reptiles, in my opinion.

  • Would not recommend
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