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Shirley Aquatics - West Midlands


Mar 2, 2009
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Shirley Aquatics, 1355 Stratford Road, Monkspath, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 4EF
Shirley Aquatics has been established since 1939. My very first visit was in the early 70's with my Dad, I was hooked from that day. Ask any Brummie who visited Shirley around that time and most will mention the shark that use to be on display there.
Shirley has changed with the times, they have a selection of koi from 2-3" to some 2ft+ in a huge pond inside the building, various other coldwater fish, tropical and marine. There is a wide range of dry goods, foods filters, tanks including now a reptile section. The dry goods now take up most of the building and the range of fish available has dwindled over the years.
The staff are very friendly at Shirley and offer good advice, I have seen them refuse to sell fish to a customer because his tank was not large enough to accommodate the fish he wanted.
It is a very large shop with a wide range of goods, if you want something that they havn't got on the shelf, they can usually get it for you. They also have an on-line shop.
Its a bit of a journey from my house
Customer Service
The staff at Shirley care for the fish in stock like their own, the last time I bought fish I received a printed caresheet leaflet with details of aclimatising fish, problems to watch out for etc. They are happy to spend time to advice you on anything fish related, from filtration to feeding.
On Line ordering
Ordering on line is really easy, you are advised when your goods are dispatched and given an approximate time for delivery.
My first on-line order experience ended up in disaster with the courier company destroying my whole order by damaging the packaging, loosing part of the order and the damaged boxes caused all the frozen food to defrost redering it useless. I phoned Shirley aquatics, who not only offered to replace my whole order, but due to my location a member of staff delivered it personally and took away the damaged items.
Now that is what I call service!
Fish selection:          5/10
Dry goods                7/10
Customer service:    10/10
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