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Mar 16, 2010
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Romsey World of Water
I visited this store for the first time on Sunday, as I had spotted a particular species I wanted on their stock list on Aquarist Classified. Sadly, they had a power cut in the tropical room, and were unable to sell any livestock. I visited again yesterday, and was able to purchase what I wanted.
The store probably used to be a garden centre, it has that layout. There is a large display of ornamental ponds outside, with some garden plants suitable for a flowerbed around a pond. In addition to the main sales building, there is a separate cafe building, and also a lake with ducks and various carp species, which can be fed if you buy their food from the shop.
The main sales building is very large, housing the dry goods, a small selection of non-aquatic pets (lizards, arachnids, rodents), a large selection of coldwater fish, and a disappointingly small tropical room (with some marine livestock). The dry goods area seemed spacious, so I feel they could have increased the size of the tropical room without losing overall shelf-space, just by condensing the dry goods into a smaller area.
The livestock areas were absolutley spotless, almost clinically so, which was very impressive.
Customer Service
Staff were polite and I appreciated not being sold potentially poorly fish on Sunday - the power cut had knocked out their filtration systems. The staff member who netted my fish was happy to go after the specific fish that I asked for. I noted that oxygen was available for the bag, but it was not used as a matter of course, I would have had to ask for it.
  • Absolutely spotless
  • Good range of dry goods
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Feed the ducks
  • Feed the koi
  • Comparatively small fishroom
  • Would recommend


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