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Would Invertebrates of any kind work?

  • Yes

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  • No

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  • Everything will die

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  • Possibly depending on tank

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  • Invertebrates suck

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  • Depending on the species

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Dec 25, 2017
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Hi i have a 65 gallon tank with a 3 inch pictus catfish 2 blue gourami 1 three inch and another about 2 inches. A blue acara cichlid about 3 inches and a blood parrot about 3 inches. The blood is extremely docile and so curious he doesn't attack anyone and just goes to hang out with them, the only aggressive thing was attacking the pictus because he sat in his little cave and wouldn't leave also I have 2 tiger barbs ( I need to put about 6 more for them but the acara was sick so I want to let him heal first before adding more animals I know that's a small amount for a tiger barb school) I'm looking for some interesting animala to add later NOTE it's a planted tank I want to add some interesting animals like shrimp or other interesting critters but I don't want them to not be compatible. The blood parrot is small now but he will definitely get bigger and I have a friend that will take him when he gets too big for the tank. But as of now he is not aggressive to the other fish, some times he swims at other fish and i think he is going to be aggressive but he just stares at them and swims with them arround, he used to follow the convicts(gone now) arround and just be with him, he is always watching and has such a shy social personality ( really shy but likes to be with other fish) I'm looking for an interesting fish or animal I was thinking i might add a school of giant danios but I'm not looking for fish like that for now.

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