Bent spine in my Platy fry :( (that rhymes, it was unintentional)


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Dec 9, 2020
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Denver, US
Hey guys! So I have been raising three baby platys for awhile now. I think they reached a month old a couple days ago. However, one died a day ago and when I looked closely at his body to find anything abnormal, I saw he had taken on a sort of krill shape (almost like a boomerang). I then looked at my other babies to see if I saw anything in them and one of the fry has a small s shape in his spine. It isn't drastic and he still swims up to the top to get his food (which is freeze-dried brine shrimp). I really need to know if this is something I am doing or if it is a birth defect.

I have them both in one of those large to-go containers for fish. I am waiting until they about double in size before I put them into the tank with the big fish. ( I have mollies and a momma platy, I got rid of dad because he became aggressive).
Help! So I can fix what I am doing or just let nature run its course!


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Oct 23, 2020
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SF Bay Area CA
Yup - it's the circle of life thing....many breeders cull their fry. Alas we home hobbies are always thrilled when we get any babies...let along raise them to a decent size. I would let nature take it's course. One of my tanks has become a live breeder tank starting with guppies. And yes I now keep a careful watch for any fry and try to scoop them out before they become someones snack. I don't think I'll be having many more since I added a troublesome Angel into the tank.


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