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  1. Tacocat

    Raising ram fry in community tank?

    I have a pair of Bolivian rams that laid eggs last week for the first time in a month and I was pretty excited. The eggs disappeared a couple days ago and today I found where the wrigglers went. I know that I probably won’t have the best outcome with survival rate but I want to know if there’s a...
  2. Stefan3289

    Molly gave birth, need advice!

    Hello all, So I noticed today my Molly, who I didn’t know was pregnant as I was treating the tank for intestinal worms I thought she just had a lot of worms and bloated, laid fry. I’ve counted 4 of them, and I’m not sure what I should do now. I don’t have a nursery tank, and nor will my parents...
  3. GuppyPerson89586

    Is This Too Much?

    Hi everyone!, I'm new here and recently, I bought 3 new Guppies (1 male and 2 females) Blueberry, Poseidon, and Pineapple. Both Blueberry and Pineapple each gave birth to about 20-30 fry about last week, and in my 6 gallon tank, there is now about 30-60 guppies (all fry), 2 pygmy corys, and 2...
  4. J

    Blue acara Fry questions

    Hi just wanted to know if I can keep a pair of Electric Blue and normal Blue acara cichlids in with their fry? Or separate mum and dad with fry? I think the Electric Blue male is a hydrid itself and I need to know; as it is quite aggressive to other fish whether it is safe to remove the Male...
  5. CozyCat

    Feeding corydoras fry

    Hi My albino cories have started breeding over the last couple weeks and some of the eggs have hatched! This is my first time raising corydoras fry, I'm so excited!😄 I've done some research on how to raise them, but am still a little confused on what to feed them. They are between a few days...
  6. S

    My fish just gave birth - what should I expect?

    Last Saturday, I got my first fish (platies). It turns out that the blue mickey mouse platy was pregnant and has now given birth. The other platies are twin bar and are smaller, but I’m sure could still eat the fry. I have lots of plants and dragon stone and I have seen some of the fry hiding in...
  7. R

    Guppy Fry

    Hello! Can someone give me some tips at caring for 160+ guppy fry. My aunt wanted to throw her sons guppies (I separated them by gender the first time I got them) so I decided to adopt them since my brother has been wanting some for a while now, and noticed that 3 of them was pregnant, the...
  8. carligraceee

    Fry Success Guarantee

    I have had several batches of fry and they have NEVER seemed to survive. Something always went wrong with what I was doing. I want to make sure, that my current batch of three fry don't die. I have one molly and two platys. They are probably a fourth of an inch long, their dorsal fins are...
  9. carligraceee

    Fry questions!

    Hello! I currently have fry babies (one is for sure a molly but the other two might be platys). I was wondering when would be a good time to put them in with the adults. As of now- they are close to half an inch (I would guess a bit larger than a fourth of an inch).
  10. Lgoldman

    Questions about Molly/platy fry

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with three mollies, three platys, a BN pleco, and nerite snails. Yesterday I noticed fry in the tank. I’m not sure how old they are, but there were only a few left by the time I saw them. I was going to leave them in the tank but I felt bad and ended up moving the two...
  11. carligraceee

    All my platy fry dying the same way except one??? Is it me? Or is it the circle of life??

    Hey guys! If you see my other posts, you will see I have some platy fry. They are almost a month old and were growing like crazy! All of a sudden, two of them started thinning out in the tail area and having trouble swimming and coming up to eat. Then they died the next day. It didn't happen...
  12. carligraceee

    Bent spine in my Platy fry :( (that rhymes, it was unintentional)

    Hey guys! So I have been raising three baby platys for awhile now. I think they reached a month old a couple days ago. However, one died a day ago and when I looked closely at his body to find anything abnormal, I saw he had taken on a sort of krill shape (almost like a boomerang). I then looked...
  13. S

    Albino pleco babies

    Hay guys. So my boy has been tiresly looking after to what I think much be around 25 baby plecs. Argh, he’s been in the fry net and cave since 3 days ago, babies have been hatched a bit longer and are growing big and strong. Any idea when I should kick dad out? He’s in a net cage there is access...
  14. Guyb93

    Electric blue acara fry are now swimming

    Not sure how to get the video up so put it on YouTube lol really happy and look to have quite a few this time not sure weather to leave them tho and I fear I will do more harm than good trying to get them out
  15. Guyb93

    Eggs again

    My eba have laid eggs again they are doing this every 14 days now , I don’t have two tanks , my current tank is 500l so daily water changes to control hormone spikes is not a reasonable option , leaving them in my tank is not an option as it is home to 6 eba an Oscar and a pleco , iv saw and...
  16. AilyNC

    Platy fry in breeder box

    I put my Platy fry in a breeder box. Today is the 7th day. I've 9. They seem ok, active and like to hang out a lot in the Salvinia I put in with them. I think they're about 8mm in length. Should I release them now into the main tank? I don't have a second tank. I know I'll need to re-home some...
  17. AilyNC

    Water change during fry drops??

    Hey my tank is a bit of a hectic fish in cycle case. I've been doing 75% water changes the last 4 days and measurements. A Platy has started having fry. Should I wait until she's finished to do a water change? How will I know she's finished? I managed to get two fry into incubation box...
  18. A

    What can I feed rice fish fry

    Help I need something to feed to my rice fish fry they have hatched today but I have no baby brine shrimp or any other live food all I have is frozen cyclops but they are too big as well I really do not want these to die any ideas?
  19. E

    Should I move angelfish wigglers?

    Hi everyone! I need some help regarding angelfish wigglers! My pair have laid eggs in my community tank every couple of weeks this year, but they never hatched. I tried putting the eggs in a breeding tank once, and they all were infertile so I gave up and figured something must be wrong with my...
  20. N

    Corydora fry food

    Hi guys.. I'm new here. I saw lot of threads with good suggestions for Corydora fry raising. I live in Bahrain and I could not find any fry food in any LFS here. If anybody can help me find fry food please do. Or can you guys help me with what do I do to not let my feet starve n die?? My...