fry food

  1. J

    Blue acara Fry questions

    Hi just wanted to know if I can keep a pair of Electric Blue and normal Blue acara cichlids in with their fry? Or separate mum and dad with fry? I think the Electric Blue male is a hydrid itself and I need to know; as it is quite aggressive to other fish whether it is safe to remove the Male...
  2. CozyCat

    Feeding corydoras fry

    Hi My albino cories have started breeding over the last couple weeks and some of the eggs have hatched! This is my first time raising corydoras fry, I'm so excited!😄 I've done some research on how to raise them, but am still a little confused on what to feed them. They are between a few days...
  3. carligraceee

    Bent spine in my Platy fry :( (that rhymes, it was unintentional)

    Hey guys! So I have been raising three baby platys for awhile now. I think they reached a month old a couple days ago. However, one died a day ago and when I looked closely at his body to find anything abnormal, I saw he had taken on a sort of krill shape (almost like a boomerang). I then looked...
  4. A

    What can I feed rice fish fry

    Help I need something to feed to my rice fish fry they have hatched today but I have no baby brine shrimp or any other live food all I have is frozen cyclops but they are too big as well I really do not want these to die any ideas?
  5. N

    Corydora fry food

    Hi guys.. I'm new here. I saw lot of threads with good suggestions for Corydora fry raising. I live in Bahrain and I could not find any fry food in any LFS here. If anybody can help me find fry food please do. Or can you guys help me with what do I do to not let my feet starve n die?? My...
  6. M

    Gourami breeding

    Hi everyone, I need advice's from you regarding the gourami fries care, I have bred 3 sets of gourami fries and all of them died,please help on this to save the kids for my next breeding.I am breeding blue gouramies,using 2*1 feet box,with 15cm level water after bred i am losing fries after 1...
  7. F

    Guppy Fry

    Hi! My guppy just gave birth to around 11 guppy fry. Right now I’m feeding them crushed up flake food. I’ve also heard of some people feeding live food, such as brine shrimp. If feeding brine shrimp is best, how often would I feed it. Thanks in advance!
  8. fivestarsellers1

    Microworms/ Microworm Media! Micro Max Oatmeal Mix

    Culture: Mircoworm Quantity for sale: 1 Starter Culture "Just the worms package" you will get microworms, production bosting yeast, and a care sheet. Delivery or Collection: USPS First Class Mail Sales price: 4.00 Postage & Packaging: 2.00 Location: Bloomington, Illinois USA Photograph: The...