Help. My mollies spines bent?

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Jun 9, 2023
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Nova Scotia
I just upgraded from a 10g to a 30g tank. After the water was cycled and I transferred my fish. two of my Mollies must have got stuck in my live plant my Creamsicle, Molly died, but the white Molly seemed OK. Later that day the way, Molly got stuck. They had watched there self between some rocks and the an ornament. When I took him out he was bent and has remained like this for three days the first night I left him to see if he was just in shock and he was fine then next morning still alive but bent at the bottom of the tank not swimming after work I couldn’t find him but he had wedged himself underneath the air stone I thought maybe he’d swam under there to hide as I don’t have a hospital tank yet. Now I am back to check on him again and he’s still alive he still tries to swim occasionally but he looks like he might have a broken spine i feed them and he was eating when the food feel to the bottom he’d go for it but he is struggling to move and I don’t know if I should leave him or put him out of his misery
any advice would be helpful
I don’t know if he’ll heal :(


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Welcome to the forum!
Unfortunately, bent spines are untreatable. The best way to help the little guy is to put him in a little bucket or tank, and add a few drops of clove oil to the water. This is my opinion of the best way the euthanize your fish and is painless.
The only other option is to try to care for him the best you can. He might just make it. But, he will be in a lot of pain at first. If he makes it, you would have to feed him like you did for the past 3 days.
I just wasn’t sure because he is still actively trying to move and he’s moved him self to a corner where he actually tries to eat and go for food when it sinks to the bottom. I’ll do what I can for the night, separate him and in the morning if he’s no better take the next steps. I just felt so bad and didn’t know what to do the rest of my fish are doing fine and I think I’ve solved where they can get stuck.

Thank you
Please euthanise, he's not going to make it I'm afraid, and we can at least ease their suffering when there's nothing else to be done.

Carefully check your decor and your water parameters please. Fish don't usually "get stuck", not in live plant especially, and definitely not two of them. Something went very wrong, and finding the cause may save your other fish.
Sorry for your losses :rip::fish:
Because I was stubborn and so was this fish and the fact I couldn’t find anything else on the internet about a fish healing from this injury. It took about 10 days but since he was still very lively when I tried to scoop him out of the tank I left him be. For a fish that is completely unmoving I understand but I believed he would get better and he did he was still able to swim at the bottom of the tank with the Cory’s I have for the first half not being able to swim in the upper regions of the tank but still eating. Now he’s made a near full recovery able to swim with my other fish.
A bend spine won't recover. But as long as it is still able to swim and eat, I'd leave the fish alone and let it be. Once it starts to stop eating and it stays on the bottom, I'd euthanize the fish. But again, if it eats and swims, I wouldn't bother the fish.

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