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  1. noobgamers

    What Non Corydoras Catfish Are Suitable For A 15 Gallon

    hey guys doing a 15 gallon oddballa s stated before and im looking for some bottom feeders that arent corydoras as it is a oddballs tank what would you guys recomend ty for any advice it is going to be a dwarf puffer tank with 1 male and 3 females thpught maybe 6 dwarf anchor catfish and some...
  2. noobgamers

    3 Tank Renovation

    hello i am just asking for advice i am going to buy a new tank soon and i am want to do a full move around as the tanks dont look as aesthetically pleasing as i had hoped i am not asking for advice about plants and aquascaping as i believe they already look good for my standards (thats bad for...
  3. C

    New To The Forums

    Hi fish fans, im new to the fish forums and want some advice. I had a 20g breeder with my two convict babbies and 2 pictus catfish. I upgraded to a 55 gallon tank. One convict is about 2", the other 1.5", and the catfish are both 2". I was wanting a pleco or a blood parrot. I dont want to...