3 Tank Renovation


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Dec 27, 2013
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hello i am just asking for advice i am going to buy a new tank soon and i am want to do a full move around as the tanks dont look as aesthetically pleasing as i had hoped i am not asking for advice about plants and aquascaping as i believe they already look good for my standards (thats bad for your yours btw)
my current stocking
15 gallon 
10 neon tetra 
3 julli cories
3 sterbais cories
1 bn pleco
29 gallon empty
50 gallon
12 black widow tetra
12 glowlight tetra
1 ruby shark
1 common pleco ( i know that it will get to big but i will sort thaqt problem when it arrives)
8 bronze cories
proposed plan am going8 black skirt to remove a couple fish just returning them to fish store not euthanising
15 gallon 
1 dwarf gourami
3 sterbais cories
3 julii cories
4 mollys 
4 balloon mollys
1 pitbull pleco
29 gallon
8 black skirt tetra
8 serpae tetra
2 bolivian rams
6 yo yo loaches ( if not possible will use dwarf chain but only if as my budjet is not very big)
1 bn pleco
50 gallon
1 common pleco
8 bronze cories
1 ruby shark ( dont worry this ones nice and timid)
8-10 neon tetra
8-10 silvertip tetra
8-10 penguin tetra 
8-10 glowlight tetra
please express any opinions or recomendations feel free to completely change although not willing to get rid of the ruby shark or bronze cories as they where my first ever fish ty for understanding and thank you for any advice

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