1. outofwater

    Lone dwarf gourami tank upgrade

    A couple of days ago I picked up 2 tanks: 15 and 30g. Working on the 15g to move Mr blurami from his current digs (10g) Both tanks came with lights, one filter, and covers. So far I've cleaned and scrubbed the small tank and the filter. Upgraded the light to LED (hood had old incandescent...
  2. SRbettas

    Pygmy cory in fluval flex

    Hi I'm trying to decide the stocking for my fluval flex 15 gallon/57 litre So far I have decided on: 1 female betta 4 endlers And pygmy Cory's Some say they need school of 6 others say 4 is fine. I want them to be happy but also keep stocking levels relatively low. Also what do you recommend...
  3. noobgamers

    3 Tank Renovation

    hello i am just asking for advice i am going to buy a new tank soon and i am want to do a full move around as the tanks dont look as aesthetically pleasing as i had hoped i am not asking for advice about plants and aquascaping as i believe they already look good for my standards (thats bad for...